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  1. Thank you. Now I am relieved. I was just so worried that I might not be able to return back.
  2. Thank you. I was just so worried that I might have a problem re-entering US. Because I've read somewhere that I will need to file for advance parole or something like that in order to travel outside the US.
  3. Hi! So I have a pending I-751, I was sent the green card letter of extension. My husband and I are going to visit the Philippines by December. We already booked our tickets. Can we travel outside the US with just the letter of extension from USCIS? Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. Hi! I know this post was last year but wondering how your vacation went. Did you have any problems with the immigration? I have the same case and planning to visit Phils. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.
  5. Thank you so much! Now I'm at ease because I was so confused and have no idea on what to do and been over thinking about it, maybe I'm just scared to get in trouble or something😅. But really thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks Cyberfx1024! Do you think I need to correct my SS also or just wait till my naturalization to change it together with my gc?
  7. Thanks for thw reply junkmart. Sorry of my post is a bit confusing. But yeah all of my documents including SS and gc has my name Maria Santos Smith. I was able to renew my passport but in the name Maria Reyes Smith because that is how we do it in the Philippines. When you het married your last name will become your middle name. Now my problem is I have different names on my passport and with my ss and gc. Although the consulate will issue me a certification of one and the same person as proof. Because I mention that I will be visiting the Phils. at the end of this year. I talked to the SS personnel just now about how to correct it and they told me to just bring my birth cert and marriage cert. Now my question is, do I really need to correct my name on ss and gc now to match with my passport(because that's how it sjould be in the first place) or can I wait till I get my US citizenship to do the name change? Bt the way the removal of my conditional green card is pending right now. Also if I travel to the Phils will I get held at the airport due to different names I have on passport and gc? Even if I have my certifocation of one and the same person.
  8. It's a problem on my ss too. My name in gc is Maria Santos Smith. And in my passport it is Maria Reyes Smith. Because that is how we do it in the Phils. When you get married your surname will be your middle name. But the person in ss told me to dropped my surname and my middle name on my maiden name will be my middle name on my married name.
  9. Hi everyone! So when I applied for my SS number here in the US the person assisted me told me that I should dropped my last name and keep my middle name. Example maiden name-Maria Santos Reyes (not my real name), so they made me dropped Reyes and kept Santos. So now my married name would be Maria Santos Smith. That name is in my SS, green card and all documents I have here in the US. I also just applied for the removal of my conditions on my green card last month. And today I went to renew my passport and was told that I can't dropped my last name and they want me to stick with the Reyes. So instead of Maria Santos Smith they want me to use Maria Reyes Smith. They told me I can't have it the way I have my name in my green card and ss. But I paid for the certification that will certify that I am the same person since I told them I will be visiting the Philippines. Now my question is how do I correct my middle name. Or any suggestion on what I can do to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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