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  1. Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I’m doing it right... My husband is from New Zealand, our case is currently at the NVC in New Hampshire. I sent in our packet with the I-864 paperwork and his civil documents a week and a half ago. Got an email back last night saying his court records aren’t what they need. Back story- 20+ years ago, my husband once was sent to diversion. Court records for minor things were expunged at a certain point, and they no longer exist. He approached the court he dealt with at the time, they wouldn’t give him anything and directed him to the Ministry of Justice. MOJ sent an email stating that there are no court records for him. (We know that MOJ documents aren’t what they want, but the other court insisted they had nothing to give him and that we had to get it from MOJ.) I sent a letter explaining that there were no records, along with the printout of the email from MOJ when I sent the I-864 packet and his civil documents. Not sure how we go about this, obtaining documents that don’t exist from a court that has no records of him and won’t give him anything. I can’t get an appointment with our lawyer until the 21st. If anyone here knows the ins and outs of th NZ court system and has anything helpful to say, please share. TÍA for any input.
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