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  1. Don't worry too much, @Nikki123. If you don't do anything wrong, you are OK and you won't be deported. The sooner you file the safer you are. However, collect the needed documents as many as you can. Right now, the AOS process is very slow. If you get some RFE, it will cost you more time. Read the forum and search, you are good to go.
  2. I know many I-751 cases will wait for more than 2 months to get the finger print notice.
  3. Have you set up the informed delivery? It is very useful for us who is expecting important letters. You can see the letters those will be delivered everyday. 1 and half month is too long to received the finger print letter. You'd better to call USCIS. Which is your FO?
  4. If you applied for I-589 before. you should have your A number. You may use your A number to check if your case is in the system or not. It's your attorney's mistake. It's yours as well. Both of you have to make sure the case is closed. Let your attorney to do his/her job. You pay for it. I think you still have time. Go to your attorney's office on Monday and let him do something.
  5. No, you don't need to do anything. You are good now.
  6. Be patient, you journey just starts. It may take 2 weeks to receive the NOAs. If your credit card has been charged, you don't have to worry. I think this weekend or next week you will see those letters.
  7. Why does Los Angeles county have the most % of denied case? I see LA is much better then.
  8. Just come back to check how's everyone doing? Hope all of us have finished the journey.
  9. If the passport is "about" or already expired, you can renew it in your country's consulate or embassy. When you have a valid passport, you can get married in Texas or any other state. Or maybe you guys can go to Las Vegas as well. After marriage, you may start AOS process.
  10. Almost all May filers have finished the journey. Congrats to everyone!
  11. It's case by case. This thread is very helpful. Or you can check the month report.
  12. Update for myself. Passport, card and NC received today.
  13. @hopephilly Sorry, I don't have IRS installment. I can't give advises about that. Please check this thread to see if some one else has the agreement with IRS. Hope you will finish the journey soon.