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  1. This is ALL very good information. Thank you all. We are going to be using her married name on all the documents, and just see what happens. I am so happy that this community exists.
  2. She wanted to change it because she wants my last name, not just because of the filing. So are you saying that she can legally use my last name no matter what on forms like the i-485, even though the marriage certificate only says her maiden name? I have seen some documentation here on (http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos) where it states: 3. Form I-485: Petition for Alien Relative (note: use the non US Citizen spouse's married name on this form and list previous name/names) and I just want to make sure that this is something we can do. she wants her green card, new US passport, basically everything from here on out to be my last name, and being able to put it on the i-485 would be much easier so that it starts the documented name change at all the US gov offices. is that what this is saying???
  3. I'ts much more difficult to do it after the fact, which is why my wife and I wanted to have her new name immediately after we got married... but here is what I found on the internet about changing your name after marriage in Ohio... http://info.legalzoom.com/legally-change-name-after-marriage-ohio-20429.html I hope this helps. it was a quick search, and it seems roughly the same as in Florida. It's also rather expensive at $400 here in Florida, not sure about Ohio.
  4. I contacted them this morning, and I was informed that no matter what, she would not have been able to change her name to my last name until after she got her green card. This is in contrast to EVERYTHING I have seen online, but it is in line with what the people at the courts and the notary that married us said in that it is done later. This is so very confusing, but I will just go with what the courts told me today in that because she is not an American citizen yet, the court system in America has no legal right to change her name.
  5. Florida, and no, it doesn't, or at least not readily apparent. It just asks for the name: First and Last, then has a spot for maiden name. I thought it was strange at first, and it just never clicked in my head as to why they would do that. I even asked the guy at the clerks office about how to change her name to my last name now that we are married, and he said you do that later. She is devastated over this.
  6. Thank you. I looked for P2Q4 Priority Date, and mine didnt have one on it. It also doesnt have an Approval date...but it does have a "notice date". Would that be the same thing? The fields that it has on it are: Notice type, Notice date, case type, receipt number, receipt date, page, date of birth. Im assuming that "Notice date" = "Approval date" = "Priority date"?
  7. I found a couple answers to my questions by searching here, and THANK YOU to those that asked the same questions that I was about to (about 5 of 'em). Firstly: we made a mistake and didn't update her last name on the marriage license to my last name (which we asked many many times about and EVERYONE...not on VJ...just kept saying you do that later...well...no...you don't...and we missed it, and I'm a dummy for not just googling it), and that creates an issue with A LOT of things...so tomorrow morning we are going to the court to try to fix it. Should we hold off on filling out and filing the documents until we get her name changed, so that her green card and passport and all these forms we have to file have her desired/new last name on it? How should we go about fixing this to minimize the damage done by this oversight? Anyways, here are the questions: Part1: Q22A: What do I put here? firstly, it wont let me type anything, but I can work around that. Do I put K-1 Visa Holder? Fiancee of (my name)? nonimmigrant? Part 2: Q5: Derivative applicant for the Principal applicant. Is that me? (i know this seems like a silly question with a ####### answer...) Part 6: Q1: No children, so do I leave it blank? N/A? or put "0"? As always...thank you all in advance. Without all your guy's help up to this point, this would have been a much more difficult journey. Dan and Wee.