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  1. What income should you have to get approve for household 5?
  2. What do you write on # household if you file just yourself. Right now we have 3 household total ( me, hubby and my daughter). Should I write 3? What should I answer?
  3. Hello everyone, I am confused with affidavit of support. Me and my husband file,” married jointly filing return”. So when I petition my parents, does my husband needs to sponsor also? (Id like to petition my parents without my husband as a cosponsor).
  4. Good day Everyone, I become a us citizen couple years, I am planning to petition my parents from the philippines. My questions are: My parents got married after I was born. Do I still need their marriage license to petition or my birth certificate with their names are good enough? What are the requirements to petition of my parents? I make $50k/year. If I combine my husband’s income it will be $103k total/ year.. I am planning to use only my income to petition my parents. Would that be a good ideA? If I petition both. Do I need to send 2 different packet? Or just make it one packet for both? Thank you in advance.
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