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  1. Hello guys. I am so desperate.. I am usc now and I would like to start to petition my mom. I have so many questions. - my biggest worry is that on my nso bc it says that my parents were married. But in real life there were no marriage as my dad is married to his first wife. I askEd them both and they said that my dad just wanted us to carry his name. I'm worried sick that it is going to be a red flag. - my mom who is not properly schooled didn't realize that she cannot carry my dad's last name. She had used my dad's last name on everything. Even an informant on her own nso bc she had signed it over a printed name carrying my dad's last name. Another red flag. Her cenomat is single so she applied for Ids and passport she is single. - I am currently outside of the states. But I do have mailing address in the states and all my banks are from states as well. Is it still possible to file while I'm out of the country?? - since I don't work because my husband is doing an expat. Can I use him as my sponsor ? Should I still use the form i864? Please enlighten me. Thanks know you for your response. God bless..