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  1. Can she still get her condition removed even thr guy did not sign her extension to stay.? Her temporary visa will expired this July
  2. What consider a marriage fraud? If the wife cheated can this be a marriage fraud?she left her husband w other man after a year in US and got her gc
  3. Elbertviola

    b1-b2 Tourist visa

    You mean after marriage, she can go back to the Philippines and i can file a cr1 visa while in US. Can she still use her multiple tourist visa to visit me here for few weeks while waiting for her cr1 visa petitioned? Can she do back n forth to US while waiting for cr1 visa petition?
  4. She has romantically and admitted that she loves the other guy. She admitted to her parents, relatives n friends that she is inlove w the other guy and the marriage from her husband was a planted long before they get married that the wife only wants to get a green card n as soon as she gets the gc she will move in w her other man. Which she did move out n left her husband in surprised
  5. Elbertviola

    b1-b2 Tourist visa

    After marriage. Which form i should apply cr1 spouse visa of AOS? She wants to go back in the Philippines and stay there for few months and come back to US as tourist for few weeks and come back to the Phippines while waiting for AOS or spouse visa cr1 petition? Is Aos n cr1 visa petition different? What form should i use on this case?
  6. I have a friend who married someone from the Philippines and filed a spouse visa. It took about a year process before she got approved and when she came to US. A year after the wife cheated her husband w other man. Now, can a husband file a report for marriage fraud because she just used the guy to get a greencard visa? She has 2 yr temporary greencard and will be expired by july 2019. What can the guy do to report that he has been used by his wife to get a green card?
  7. Elbertviola

    b1-b2 Tourist visa

    1. what states where we can get married as soon as she comes here as a tourist visa? how many weeks we need to wait before getting married? 2. How many weeks before she can get back to the Philippines after the marriage? what permit we should apply to granted her a travel to the Philippines and come back to US? 3. While in Multiple entry tourist visa and waiting for the AOS and she return to the Philippines to continue her work as a doctor and come back to US as a tourist w AOS. How long she can stay in US and come back to Philippines.
  8. Elbertviola

    b1-b2 Tourist visa

    after her tourist visa is granted and we get married here in US (after approx. 3 weeks of coming here in US) she will come back to the PHilippines to continue her work in the Philippines but she will come back to US for few week to visit me and come back again in the Philippines again. In short, she will do a back and forth from the Philippines and US for few weeks here and there until the spouse visa is approved which is normally will take almost 1year... The concern is if she will get approved to come back to US in tourist visa while theres a pending spouse visa petition. She is a doctor in the Philippines and don't have intention to stay in the US while the spouse visa is pending. How many weeks before we can get married as soon as she gets in US as a tourist visa? how long is the process to apply for travel permit visa from tourist visa and when I filed a petition for a spouse visa. So she can return to the PHilippines and come back to US without any issue.
  9. Elbertviola

    b1-b2 Tourist visa

    My fiancé is planning to apply for US Tourist visa and we are planning to get married after few weeks of staying here and she will come back to the Philippines and stay there for few months. While waiting for spouse visa petition, she is planning to come back in the US for few weeks and come back again in the Philippines. She would like to come back and forth to US and Philippines while waiting for the Spouse visa. Questions; 1. How many weeks before we can get married as soon as she come to US as a tourist visa? 2. How long can she leave US while waiting for a spouse visa once we get married here? 3. Can she get approved to come back to US in a tourist visa while she has pending spouse visa? Thank you