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  1. My I751 case was finally approved today 🎇😄! Received date is October 28, 2019. Status was changed to New Card Is Being Produced after having Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It for a month. Did not file for citizenship. Good luck everyone and thanks for the help!
  2. Looks like you guys know your stuff. I am going to wait until my case is outside of processing times (should be in a month in a half, unless the processing time window will increase again) and then see what's up. I am worried filing for N400 right now while my case is in "Correspondence was received" status might actually delay that case. I just don't want to end up in limbo.
  3. I agree but "Correspondence was received" like I said most cases didn't get that notification. I have refreshed daily. Their status changed from "Case was received" from back from October of 2019 to "Card is being produced" 2-3 weeks ago. I think it must mean something that only around 30% of the cases had their status changed to "Correspondence was received" and my theory is that those are the people who do not have N400 pending as well, like myself, and USCIS can archive these files for now, let them get dusty because there is no urgency to approved these cases. That's why I would love to have a confirmation form anyone who got their 10 year GC without filing for N400 from around end of 2019. I think I have a reason to be concerned here and I am not just freaking out. I do want to know where I am standing - if I should file for citizenship right now knowing it will escalates my 10 year GC I would. I am already at 20 months since I filed, already on my I551 stamp, my license is expired, and living year by year with a temporary GC is not easy. I just want to get this process that started almost 5 years ago over with. I have seen some files that have been stuck with ""Correspondence was received" for more than a month now. Some cases eventually turn into "RFE" notice but a lot of them are just.. stuck. While other cases with same filing dates that I found or even reported in this thread just get approved by filing date. I am trying to figure out why is that the case and what can I do to get myself and others who have filed 18+ months ago and are in the "Correspondence was received" status get unblocked. Thanks!
  4. Any October or November 2019 filers got their 10 years GC without filing for N400? I was running through hundreds of receipt numbers around mine a few weeks ago, and tracked them daily. A lot of them who filed around my date (the last week of October of 2019) for I751 had their file change to "Card is being produced" and then "Card is being shipped". But my case, and around 30% of the other cases their status changed to "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It" and stuck since. I have even found other cases from probably before mine that still had that status for months, which scares me.
  5. Hey Clara, thanks for the info. I have the exact same filing date as yours, but my case was updated to "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It" two weeks ago and stuck since. Was your case also updated to that before approved? And did you apply for citizenship? Thanks!
  6. What's your received date? I thought it was end of September 2019.
  7. You can extend it again by calling USCIS and asking for another extension. They set you up with appointment and extend it for another year. Good luck.
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