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  1. I have a Social Security Card with my married name, but now that I have my gc do I need to get a new one without the DHS authorization note on it?
  2. Interview 04/30/2018 Card In Production 04/30/2018 Card Mailed 05/03/2018 I-797 Received 05/04/2018 Green Card Received! 05/05/2018
  3. Ok thank you!
  4. Interview completed! Adjusting from K-1 visa, we had our AOS interview yesterday morning at 8:15 AM at the local USCIS office here in Des Moines. Then yesterday at 4:15 PM, I got text/email notifications that my case has been updated, and when I checked My Case Status, it has changed to "My New Card Is Being Produced"...! does that mean I'm approved and the next step will be receiving a GC in the mail? will there be any more case status updates?
  5. Do I need 2 new passport-size photos for the I-485 interview?
  6. Mine still says this: February 27, 2018 We received your response to our request for more information. Your case is no longer on hold. I received my interview schedule on 03/31, it was dated 03/26.`
  7. What was your RFIE for the bc? I also got one for my bc, they said I had sent secondary evidence of birth and not a real birth certificate. (I had sent the long form bc which is what it says to send for Ontario on the USCIS site). I booked an infopass appt and the guy there said he could see no reason for the RFE and wondered if the officer just didn't realize it was a real bc. so I sent back an original of the long form and a copy of the short form.
  8. Does anybody know approx. how long it would take to get the green card after the interview?
  9. Got my interview notice in the mail on Saturday! Interview is for April 30 in Des Moines, IA. Total surprise as there was no update on the online tracker, and I have accounts on both the My Case Status and the new dhs site - the still show "Your response to our request for initial evidence was received" Seems quick as USCIS just received our response to the RFIE on Feb 27. The interview notice was dated March 26.
  10. Sorry if someone already asked this - what was the basis you expedited the EAD on?
  11. Nathan&Amy

    NYC AP expedite experience

    Thanks for sharing! Can you advise what you gave as reason/evidence to expedite? Did you take plane tickets or something like that? Is the field office also able to process expediting the EAD?
  12. I have just checked this site: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Canada.html and this is the acceptable birth certificate for my province: Ontario: Applicants should obtain "large" certificates or certified copies of a registration from the Office of the Registrar General in Toronto (Macdonald Block, 900 Bay Street, second floor, tel: 416-325-8305) or at Ontario Land Registry Offices and Government Information Centers located throughout the province. Further information, including locations and information on ordering by mail is available online. That is exactly the birth certificate I have and sent a copy of, because I ordered it from the Registrar last year for the purpose of immigration, from the same website that is provided here on this US gov site.
  13. Hello all, I haven't been on in a while so apologies if someone has already posted this same question or similar. We filed the I-485 and then sent the I-131 and I-765 separately a little later. All were accepted, got the email/text, cheque cashed, and NOA1s received. Then, we got an RFIE (Request For Initial Evidence) in the mail stating that my birth certificate was insufficient and they need further evidence of my place of birth and my parents names. The birth certificate that I submitted has all that information, it is a long form birth certificate from the province of Ontario, Canada - there shouldn't be any reason it wouldn't be enough. Anybody have any feedback or has anyone else got this? I am going to send the actual document rather than a copy so they can see the seal, as well as my short-form card size bc which I sent when we did the K-1. It was accepted then, but it doesn't even have my parents names on it, whereas the long form has all that. Also trying to get my record of birth from the hospital I was born at but it will take a few weeks to get and we're losing valuable time by doing so... appreciate any information on this issue.
  14. No you have to stay in the US until you have your green card or travel visa.
  15. I thought the total due was $1225, because there are no fees for the I-131 and I-765 when filing the AOS. Is that incorrect?