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  1. Ahh interview notice showed up. December 4th. Can't say I'm not nervous...
  2. For those that have had their interview scheduled and had the letter with their interview date, how long did it take between you receiving the notification from USCIS that it was scheduled and receiving the letter? Just concerned that USPS isn't the most reliable in the world and I want to make sure I don't miss it. We have informed delivery for our address, and nothing's come through yet. It's been a week or so since I got the notification by email. Thanks.
  3. So despite my local field office's ETA on I-485 being well into next year, imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to an email saying my case had been updated. Scheduled for an interview! This system makes no sense whatsoever, and it very much shows that you cannot even remotely rely on USCIS's estimated processing times on their website. I guess the issue with the EAD still being delayed becomes moot now. In that case, I have questions for people who didn't receive their EAD's before their interviews. For evidence, what did you bring? Can't work, so no money. No money means very little in the way of shared resources/assets. We're currently living in her parent's basement. The plan was to move once I got my EAD, and any lease agreements we'd enter into would be in both of our names. As it stands, we have none of that. All we have really is our marriage certificate and a joint bank account that we're not currently using. I got my SSN months ago - wasn't going to wait for EAD to get that sorted. I'm on her health insurance, I guess that counts too. I can't drive, so I'm not associated to her car in any way (insured driver, etc). What else can you use in the situation where evidence is lacking?
  4. Does anyone know where VJ gets its dates from for its "currently processing" for the various forms? I looked up the EAD and VJ says processing May 5th, yet the USCIS website, for the NBC, says April 2nd. I know this doesn't really matter too much since this all seems to be happening for everyone completely out of filing order, but I can't find anywhere on USCIS's website that says they're processing forms dated early May - which tells me that _most_ people should be expecting their EAD's towards the end of next month (which is what VJ was originally telling me back in August when the dates started flying far out into the future).
  5. So my case has changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview" as well, finally. Then I went and checked the processing times on USCIS's website. It's gotten longer. By about 2 years. Now it's saying time span between 11.5 and 40 months!!! Currently processing cases dated June 25th 2016!! Last I checked, that was a 23 month wait and they were processing cases dated September 2017. I don't understand how they've managed to go backwards in time!
  6. You're not alone. I only had biometrics this week (Monday). So my ETA is October 25th, but I'm not holding my breath given that it took them 4 months to get the biometrics appt to me. I think I'd be lucky to see my EAD this year if I'm honest. My NOA1 date is May 16th.
  7. After 4 months of waiting, today arrived in the post my biometrics appt for September 30th. So happy for the progress right now, even if it's so little.
  8. Looks like I'm waiting another month with zero action then.. my god this sucks...
  9. No. She just said she'd update the service request and see if they respond. And that if they didn't respond within the next 30 days then they'd look into ways of escalating it to get it moving.
  10. Today marks the 4 month anniversary of the NOA1 for my applications. And I'm still waiting for the biometrics appointment. 4 months. I called them August 15th to find out what was going on and when I could expect to receive the appointment. "We'll respond within 30 days". That time was up yesterday. Called them again today. "We'll update the service request and respond within 30 days". I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall with this. Getting literally nowhere. I-765 case processing date is currently April 5th 2019. By the time the next 30 day window is up, that case processing date will be close to, or have passed, my receipt date. And I'm still waiting for the first part of this entire thing to happen - the biometrics. Frustrated doesn't even get close to describing how I'm feeling right now...
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