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  1. It came the Friday before Irma.
  2. If it is helpful, I overheard someone in the waiting room at the Miami Field office who was interviewed for citizenship say that she was a January filer. Good luck!
  3. 11 months total since my priority date was mid-November 2016. My husband and I had different questions and we had our interviews on the same day with different interviewers so I think it just depends but they asked me the following: 1: Name an amendment to do with voting 2. who becomes the president if the president can't serve 3. Name a right from the 1st amendment 4. Why did the colonists come to North America 5. What was America's concern during the cold war 6. I think the last was who signs bills into laws but I can't quite recall. In the Miami field office they do Oath ceremonies every Friday morning. I have to be there at 7:30 AM.
  4. Hi @sunshinestate2013 and thank you for your well wishes. It went very well. I wasn't called until 2 hours passed my scheduled time. I was in there about 40 minutes and was recommended for approval. I was asked to show my current passport, greencard and drivers license. My husband was asked to show different documents including his original birth certificate from a different interviewer than the one I saw. His interview was the same day. Afterwards I waited for about an hour for my oath ceremony notice in the waiting room. All in all, a very good experience. My oath is scheduled for October 20.FYI - The Miami field office was sending people to Walgreens to take photos if you didn't send them with your application. Luckily I had mine thanks to VisaJourney!
  5. Congrats! Were you asked to show any additional documentation (beyond a passport) for flights taken since you submitted your application? For example: airline receipts. I'm a little concerned that I fly often using my Nexus card (equivalent of Global Entry) and they no longer stamp my passport. Thanks!
  6. Forgot to mention that the letter was dated September 5th. I received it on September 13th after mail was delayed due to Irma.
  7. I received my letter. My interview was scheduled for October 12th. Finally!
  8. I just got a text that I was scheduled for an interview. Now I have to wait for the letter for the interview date. Tick tock tick tock....
  9. Amazing news! We need a little as Irma gets closer. I just noticed my NOA date is incorrect. It should be 11/16 and not 11/19 if someone could update it for me that would be excellent. I wonder if I'm in queue by my NOA date or my in-line date?
  10. Unfortunately I'm still waiting. Haven't heard anything since fingerprints in December.
  11. Hi @Ramz. Did you need to have travel plans (an international flight booked) to apply and get same-day in Miami? Do you mind sending the office details that provide same-day service? Thanks in advance.
  12. And that is if things don't slow down further. So far each month things seem to be getting slower and slower if you look at the uscis processing times for Miami.
  13. Very slow indeed. I heard from a July 2016 filer on another forum who only just got an interview scheduled at the Miami field office for the end of August 2017.