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  1. Also received my bio apt today for 02/03 WAC filed July 17
  2. If you file to soon they will defect it - do it during the 90 day window
  3. I am happy for you! My corrected package was also received July 16 10am but I have not yet received a text message. Fingers are crossed
  4. I hope it all goes well for you! did they send you back the entire package? Or just requested 751? Happy your are safe now!
  5. Did you talk to a level 2 representative? And how did they allocate you package without a confirmation number? I want to call them too...
  6. I send it to arizona with usps first class signed and recieved june 29
  7. I just checked again my package was delivered June 29 which is according to the USCIS page the first day of acceptance for my package. We did sign our 751 on June 27 and some people say it needs to be signed within the 90 days period and some say it doesnt matter - the delivery day matters. I just hope the best for all lets see..
  8. The issue is not just your mail it is the date you signed your 751. The signature has to be made during the 90 days window. My package was delivered 90 days before but my signature was made before 90days Its ok - we just send it again and we will be fine. I just hope that we will be able to get everything back soon.
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-early-filing-calculator two years we collected everything and we never thought that this little mistake would happen. and not even our lawyer noticed.
  10. My card expires Sep 27 and I believe the reason why we have not heard anything yet is the same as yours. We signed our i 751 dated June 27 thinking that is 90 days before Sep 27 but it is not. 90 days before would have been June 29... this is so disappointing since we used a lawyer to help us file this case...
  11. I just saw your previouse poste and read about the 90 window lets hope the best for you - now i know what your story is
  12. I dont understand what ir is and the exact message of yours. Your package was received june 26 and you have not received an update yet but you have to redo it because of what? and where did you send your package too?
  13. This is great news It looks like dallas has the fastest processing so far
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