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    Perfect, thanks again!
  2. Tia_24

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    Is this for everyone filing the k1? My fiance was deployed in Germany, is he going to need one when he files our k1? Sorry to jump on here. It seems the second I got familiar with the process the I-129f changed haha.
  3. Hey everyone. I just had one question in regards to the new 129f form. When asking for evidence of US citizenship, is it asking for primary proof such as birth certificate, passport ect, AND also secondary proof "such as church or school records, baptismal certificates, U.S. census records,?" Or are they only saying secondary proof is needed if there's a legitimate reason for not having primary evidence? He has primary, but I'm just double checking to be sure we have all documents needed. Thank you!
  4. I'm just wondering if I can get any tips of advice on going on a visit from Canada to America to see my SO for 4 months. I know Canadians are legally allowed 6 months out of a year to go visit. I have come to find out that I may run into issues or a denial of entry because some officers may request proof that I plan on returning home, and may find it fishy that I plan on going on a trip this long, and may think I have plans to stay. I'm getting increasingly frustrated and have been putting off ordering my ticket due to these reasons. I have zero plans to stay. You know how it is in a long distance relationship. You don't get to have every day life contact with them like you would if you weren't long distance. So given the opportunity to of course I'd like to have a long visit while my life permits. I heard I need to show strong ties back to my country. Here's where I'm running into a problem. I don't have a job here in Canda. I'm on disability assistance. I don't own a home or rent one with a long term lease. I rent a place that's by the month. I will be leaving my home behind, filled with all my belongings, my cat who is my absolute best friend, and my family and friends. There's no way I could just stay in America, and I'm frustrated that I some how have to prove that. I was thinking I could get a letter from my landlord with his contact info and him stating that he knows I'm going on a trip from so and so dates, and that I will be back, and will continue to be paying rent while I'm away. I was also thinking of getting my mom to write a letter that she will be caring for my cat, and stating that I will be back on so and so dates. I also will be getting a return ticket when I order my ticket, so I'll also have that. I was thinking of paying 2 months rent in advance even before I leave, but that worried me that it would make my bank account look low and they'd question how I plan on supporting myself there, or think I'm going there to work. Literally the only expenses during my visit are going to be food. My so is happy to feed me. My so and I both follow the same diets, very cheap rice and bean diets, lol. My only other trip has been once, 3 weeks ago I went to visit for 16 days. Also, we haven't yet filed for any visa's or anything at all. If anyone has any tips/advice/information that would be wonderful. Thank you so much
  5. That makes sense. I guess I will just contact the government here and see what they say. I've been nervous to do that as I've been worrying they will have the mindset of "well, if she's willing to do this, she's fine without assistance as far as were concerned," and just cut me off as is. Oh dear. I have no idea what DEERS is, I will look into that. Do you know how long that usually takes? That's a great idea to see if I can get enough medication filled to hold me over when I'm without medical until all is approved. I also had another question for you. If I am allowed entry for my 4 month trip and not denied, and we file the k-1 while I'm there, if I some how magically get called in for my interview (Montreal correct?) during my stay in the USA, and I fly out of the USA to Montreal for the interview, would I be allowed to go back into the USA after? Or would it be best to go back to Canada? How long after the interview is it that you get the visa? I'm just trying to make sense of this all before I go booking my plane tickets and such. Again, as always, thank you so much for everything. You've always been a great help here.
  6. Thank you SO much for the reply. -I've been extremely worried about being allowed to travel over there for 4 months. I find it so frustrating that we are technically allowed to spend 6 months there, but have such a high chance of being denied. I've had a few people tell me it went super smoothly for them, and I've also heard TONS of horror stories. I'm having people telling me to lie and say I'm visiting friends, and others say to tell the truth. I'm so confused and have been scared to spend $1,000 on a ticket when it could all back fire on me. I don't have a job. I am on disability, and am on a medication I see a doctor for. I don't own a house and am not on a lease, I have an apartment and it's all month to month. I was thinking I could bring proof of being on disability, a letter from my doctor, and a note of some sort from my landlord? And I was thinking maybe a note from my mom stating I WILL be back, she will be babysitting my cat, and will be watching my house. Do you think that would even be enough? I've been meaning to post about that on here but wasn't sure if I make a new thread or? -Thank you for giving me that information about government assistance. I had no idea about any of that. Thank you! Do you know how long of a visit until they consider you a resident? I'll be visiting Maryland if that helps at all. I won't be driving while I'm there at all either, if that makes any difference. -And thank you so much for clearing up the resident/citizenship part for me, that makes a lot more sense. This was extremely helpful, I greatly appreciate it!
  7. Hi everyone. My fiance and I have decided to go with the k1 visa. I live in Canada, he lives in America. I will be moving to him. Our plans were for me to go visit him next week and stay for 4 months. I will be buying a return ticket when I purchase my ticket. I'm already concerned about being denied at the boarder but that's a whole different stress. While I'm there, were going to get all the paperwork and information together and file for the k-1 visa. I do have a few questions. I am currently on disability assistance here in Canada as I had gotten an illness out of nowhere that kept me out of work. I receive a cheque from the government here in Canada every month. I also get full health coverage on disability, which is great as I have a certain medication that I am required to take every single day. What I'm wondering is if we file for the k-1 visa, are they going to cut my disability assistance off right away? Will they wait until visa approval before they do that? Is me having been on disability going to cause issues for us being approved? They make it hard as I'm going to need this money to pay for my rent and bills in Canada as of course the visa doesn't allow us to live together until all is approved. My other question is, when our visa does get approved, when do I become sponsored by him? When do I get on his insurance coverage? He is in the military if that makes any difference. I'm just trying to figure this out as again, I have a medication I have to take every day that could get EXTREMELY costly without insurance. I'm feeling quite defeated and stressed here and am extremely concerned this is going to cause us issues. Thank you all for listening.