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  1. Our Online Case Status changed 6 days ago on October 29th....to "Interview Was Scheduled". How long does it typically take to receive the Interview Appointment Letter in the Mail? Glad to hear the Detroit Office is a pretty smooth process.
  2. I just did a Visa Status Check at this Site https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx I called last night and they told me the NVC received it yesterday. The result from the Search Above says "At NVC" just like heartinKorea stated. The Operator said I would get an EMail and a Letter confirming it. I hope they forward our Packet to the Tokyo Embassy within a week like BnE experienced.
  3. 174 Days and We got Approved Today ! Thanks Shoegum for posting the Scans every day. I think many of you will get Approved this Week. I was always bummed when I saw others get Approved who filed after us...but just hang in there...your Day will come ! Now I'm wondering if the 17 days Average from NOA2 to Embassy Receipt via the NVC is accurate or not? I hope so....