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  1. I have one question, so when petition is in background check, does it mean they r ready for decision but can't give the decision untill they get the BC back? I guess my question is after your response to rfe if the petition is in BC does it mean it will get approved if BC is cleared. Or that doesn't matter
  2. Today I got the email saying that they have received a correspondence to my case and they will review it. Do anyone know what does this mean. I didn't send them anything.
  3. Hi, Can someone suggest me what to do. Nov 28th I received a response from my Senator's office that my file is in background check. December 20th I made infopass appointment and I was told they would not tell me any information about my file because it's vawa and Vermont does not share the information with anyone. I don't know what should I do. Can someone suggest me what should I do. Should I send another request through senator's office? Or should I wait.
  4. Hi everyone, I finally received update from my Senator's office, they got response from USCIS that my file is pending with FBI for background check. Does anyone have idea how long does that take. And is there anything I can do.
  5. @rza did you get rfe? I applied mine Feb 13 2017. I got rfe and submitted rfe in August on 22nd. Still no response from them. Did online request for out of processing time got reply that they are not going to respond online enquiry becoz it's vawa. Asked senator's help. He got response in November in 29th. But have not heard back from them. They said they have sent mail to me 10 days I still haven't received anything in mail. Went to the senator's office they said can't hand over the response in hand. I dont know what to do.
  6. I am Feb 2017 filer. Didn't get any update yet. Submitted rfe on Aug 22nd.
  7. Thanks @Sandranj. My district congressperson is getting retired this year. So his office is not accepting any requests. Can I go ahead with senator's office.
  8. Hi, I applied for vawa in Feb 2017 I got rfe in June 2018. They received my rfe in August 2018. According to USCIS timeline it's out of processing time. I sent a e request they said they replied to my request 2 weeks ago have not received anything nor did my lawyer. Can someone help me. I don't know should I contact senator or should I wait. How long does it take for them to reply.
  9. Hi , what is the average time that USCIS takes to give decision after the RFE is received. I am sitting at 55 days as of today.
  10. Hi, how long does it take for USCIS to give decision after they receives the rfe?
  11. @sandranj can you please suggest?
  12. I have received a rfe to show the evidence of phycological abuse. I did not send in the phycological evaluation report initially. I have one now. In rfe they state that I need to send a letter from doctor with details. So is my evaluation good enough or do I have to send the details from each session. My phycologist was not aware how to make the evaluation so he reffered me to other phycologist and attended 4 session with him. But my primary phycologist I attended 14 session in last 1 year. So my question is do I send evaluation and the individual session report or the evaluation is enough.
  13. Hi people, I need help. I reviewed a rfe and they are asking for more proof of abuse. I have phycological evaluation done that I am going to send. I am also going to send affidavit from friend and family. What else can I send?
  14. I just received a email notification that they have sent rfe. I filled on 13th Feb 2017. I am worried what the rfe would be. Did anyone recently received the rfe?
  15. Hi people, are there any Feb 2017 approval. I have applied in Feb 2017.