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  1. Good evening guys! I have came home today from the interview (FINALLY) and slept like a rock since i couldn't get any sleep the night before. After getting my NOA2 in Sept, I could get my interview done earlier, but i delayed it since the documentations didn't get mailed on time and I personally had to get things done myself. So anyway! Today morning (12/20) I went to US Embassy in Seoul and took an interview. She asked me a few questions regarding my fiancé's job, where I met, how he proposed and where he's living. I was really worried that I might get rejected or a blue letter since AGAIN, the original i-134 form from my fiancé didn't get delivered on time. But thankfully she said copy's not a problem (but I also brought original i-134 form he previously sent before he changed his work place) and everything was good to go. now all I have to wait is to get my passport to be delivered (said it'll take up to 5 days) This K-1 visa journey has been TIRING, STRESSFUL, FULL OF WAIT, and all these things mixed, my fiancé and I got truly sensitive with all the process on the way. Now i think of it, hell I DO NOT want to walk this path ever again lol Hope my timeline helps, and hope to hear bunch of good news soon! I know more things are waiting for me once I enter US, but for now, I'm so glad that now I can finally schedule my flight Thank you guys so much for keeping me & each other so tight! I have gotten so much help and positive vibes from you guys!
  2. hello guys! FYI, my timeline: noa 1: March 1st (new site) noa 2: Sept 10th case number : Oct 3rd Phone call from the Embassy : Oct 12th *no calling USCIS for the case number for to expedite the case. I have had a phone call today from the Embassy, but couldn't pick up the first time. So i called back, but the person say she doesn't know who called so i just gotta wait. I did, and i got the call about 4 hrs later, and the person was very kind. she said she called to send me an e-mail, so she asked for my e-mail address. I answered and also asked whether if it's Packet 3, and she answered "something like that" Kind of vague, but I thought it was P3 for sure cuz according to a forum where I get informed from K1 visa beneficiaries, it is very likely to be P3. Jumping to my question, We all know that the K1 visa expires within 90 days, and I would like to make sure the point of the date where it starts. I have heard that it starts from the date I get my medical examination, but I personally think it's reasonable to start the day I enter the States. So if you know please, It'd be so appreciated
  3. Thank you! and also you are definitely in my prayers for your future steps! It's first time for all of us ahahah I'm just super careful about all this process so I don't make any mistakes. Good luck!
  4. From what I know so far, all the documents my fiancé & I need to provide will be listed on P3, which I have not received yet. And yes I have already gathered all the docs from my fiancé and I have translated my own docs too. But with the case number I heard you can start filling our DS 160 form and apply for medical examination. So, just in case I don't have the right information, I'll have to ask other ppl who have already been through the process Now I have to take another passport pictures since it has past 6 months from my last one I provided when sending petition, and start gathering more evidences of our relationship just in case they ask during my interview
  5. no thankfully we didn't have to. we were just waiting
  6. hello guys :) got my NOA2 on Sept 10th, and today my fiancé got the case number via his e-mail just now. i can officially make appointments for my physical examination, finally. Phew. Thanks to you guys on VJ, we already know that the process to next step will take about 2-6 weeks, so we didn't call to get our number. I'm thinking things are moving pretty fast. Hope to hear bunch of good news from all of you soon!
  7. Hello marchers :) first thank you all for sharing such helpful information regarding all this crazy, torturing journey! I was able to wait patiently, doing my own stuff and finally it has come :) noa 1/ feb 28th -Old while Mar 1st on the new one. I was kinda going crazy when i kept seeing other ppl getting approvals but yes! Finally! Now my fiance and ill have to start gathering the docs we need and stay positive! Thank you all for the positive vibes!!!!🍀