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  1. I was just curious to know and congratulations.
  2. Hello, I filed in San Francisco too in March and waiting for an interview since April.I finally managed to get an info pass in San Francisco after 2 months.I have raised 2 SR but of no use.Hopefully at the info pass they will provide me new information.
  3. Congratulations brother.Hopefully I get mine soon too
  4. Congratulations I filed in March in San Francisco too and hopefully will hear positive news from them next month. Congratulations fellow Bay arean
  5. Same here but eventually I was able to speak to a tier 2 officer. She was very polite and even took a few minutes to go over my case and told me that my case was still at NBC and pending background checks. According to her AOS cases generally take about 9-12 months to be processed and asked me to call back in December to verify the status of the case. I'll wait until December to raise a SR online.
  6. hello, Have you heard back about your case from any of the officers.
  7. Congratulations and the T2 officer told me that my case is still at NBC center and I might have an interview in the next 2 months since my background check is pending.
  8. Oh man August 2018 that cannot be right.Did he mean August or January 2018 because August 2018 is way off.
  9. Congratulations and god bless you and your family.