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  1. Hi there, Kirk&Kean! I called the Immigration a day later after posting here on VisaJourney. I was transferred to Tier 2 and spoke with an Immigration officer who updated our address. He also gave me an advice against attending the interview in Philadelphia. The next day I sent a letter w/ proof of address change to the Philadelphia office where the interview was scheduled, asking them to cancel and transfer my case to the office that has jurisdiction over our address. I was expecting a longer wait as the Tier 2 officer said that it might be 2 to 6 months wait unless the office is not that busy. We we’re lucky as it seemed the Buffalo Office wasn’t as busy and after a couple of weeks, we received a request for an interview before mid-February. By mid-March I received my Permanent Resident Card. I think offices in Pennsylvania are busy. I had a feeling the only reason our case moved forward and was requested for an interview was because we relocated and updated our address last December. But I could be wrong. I understand how frustrating the wait and delay can be. Especially when you find out other applicants gets approved faster. I remember waiting and being frustrated while all the 2018 filers finally received their cards w/out an interview (I’m a 2017 filer as well). But like my husband said, there is nothing much we can do but wait patiently. (Easy for him to say, but in a way, he is right). I’m crossing my fingers and hoping you’d hear news soon! Goodluck! 😊
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