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  1. It is my understanding the best course of action is: -File SSN (SS-5) with Maiden Name -File AOS (i-485) with Marriage Name -File Work Permit (i-765) with Marriage Name and request for new Social Security Card on the application. (This should give me a new Social Security Card with the marriage name). Note: My wife already has her SSN with her maiden name since the SS Office would only give the SSN in the name that matched her K1 Visa. I am also reading after obtaining the SSN in the maiden name they went in to the SS Office for a name change with the marriage certificate before filing for AOS or the Work Permit. Is this advisable? Please confirm if this is the best course of action.
  2. No, they said I had to her present name on the license.
  3. I am getting confused again. Here is what I have done so far: Married my K1 Fiance Obtained a SSN with her maiden name because the SS Office told me the name has to match her visa. What I want is to change her last name to my last name, so what should I do going forward? I still need to get the work permit as well as do the AOS for the green card/permanent residence. 1) Since she has a SSN now, can we go back to the SS Office and request a name change solely with just the marriage certificate? This should allow me to fill out all other applications with her marriage name. or 2) Apply for the other applications with the name I want her to have (marriage name), and change the SS Card later. or 3) Apply for the other applications with the same name on the SS Card and do a name change after everything has been approved? Thanks,
  4. So my fiance (female) came to the US on a K1. We got married and need to know how to exactly do the name change for her last name. We got the social security card in her maiden name because they wouldn't let us get it with my last name unless I went to Homeland Security. As of now we dont know what to do for the work permit and green card for her name (maiden or new last name). Am I allowed to do a name change on her social security card now with the marriage certificate so the rest of the applications can have her marriage name? Or I can only change all the names after she gets the green card? Thanks,
  5. so after she gets the greencard she is free to go to other countries including Maldives and Canada. And I am assuming she will need to apply for visas for some counties.
  6. My wife, who came to the US on a fiance Visa recently wants to know if she can travel outside of the US? We are planning on going to the Caribbeans and not sure if she can go. She is a Indian Citizen with the fiance visa. Also, will we be able to travel to other places like Canada and Maldives.
  7. So my fiancé in India has her k1 fiancé visa valid till January 2018. She is still in India and wants to go to Maldives before she comes to the US. Is she allowed to go to Maldives (another country), when she is comeing to the US a week later? Will it cause any any problems/questioning when she travels to the US or when we file for any of the following paperwork (permenant resident, ssn, work permit etc.). Just want to make sure travel to Maldives won't cause any problems since she is on a K1 fiancé visa on a Indian passport. Thanks,