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  1. We just had out interview in July, there were only two other people in the embassy (one interview and one child passport appt) plus my husband. They wouldn't let us in earlier than 15 minutes before (we showed up an hour early and the guy told us to get a cup of coffee!). He was in there for about 1.5 hrs, but they had a fire alarm go off in the middle (?!) So that took some extra time.
  2. We were in Stockholm for the medical and managed to get it done in less than 2 hours, but it was very tight. X-ray & blood test is at the near by hospital (10-15 minute walk)
  3. @jetties @swmfly Congrats guys! Here's what happened to my husband this month! I think you guys will be in the same boat. 9th (Thur) - Cancelled appt email 10th - Expedited confirmation email (even though we didn't request it) 13th (Mon) - checklist from the embassy tell you to get the medical done and upload more stuff to CEAC 15th - Offered an interview appointment 21st (Tue) - Interview! 22nd - Medical exam in STK
  4. I totally understand being a nervous wreck - me 48 hrs ago! When we submitted the 1-864, we only had 2018 tax returns (plus an explanation of why I didn't file in 2017). Nobody asked for the 2019 tax returns, but I thought they would want it to be as up to date as possible. So we brought the 2019 taxes along and then they scanned them into their system. I would definitely not redo the i-864, unless something changed very dramatically.
  5. Lol well for us 10 days is fine. He still has to give his notice at work, which will mean we aren't moving for about 2 months. With Covid-madness we aren't in too much of a hurry.
  6. He did the medical exam this morning. We were able to stop back at the embassy to drop off the extra required documents. The doctor said that the medical exam should be at the embassy in about 10 days!
  7. They didn't ask for any updated info, but we brought along the 2019 tax returns (not a new I-864) which they took scans of. And of course I am always willing to help out with what I can here! It's been such a weird time for everyone lately, I just hope that maybe we are all seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
  8. So we found some lawyer pages online and then based our evidence off of what they suggested. (Though I think they make it seem more complicated than it needs to be, at least for now when the embassy barely looks at the stuff) - for Part 4, Q9 we provided evidence of each account listed as well as information about the car that we listed as an asset (ownership, estimated value from a website, a statement saying we intend to sell it before we move) - we had employment verification and salary statements from his current job (in Sweden), I guess this shows his "hire-ability" - his University degree We did not provide information about which health care we will get and even told them that we do not plan to get healthcare because he intends to get a job asap and he is young and healthy (plus we have assets saved) I think that's everything we had - we definitely just guessed as to what we needed.
  9. You should get a checklist from the embassy after you have a scheduled interview as to what is expected at your specific embassy. My husband had to bring all originals of the documents we had uploaded in the civil documents section, DS-5540, evidence of relationship and my US domicile docs (I live with him in Sweden, so originals were what we had, they probably would've except copies for everything except the civil docs). Plus he brought copies of the financial support docs.
  10. Yes, Stockholm Embassy requested DS-5540 when they sent out the interview checklist. We had to upload the questionnaire to CEAC and then we brought additional supporting evidence to the interview.
  11. Husband had his interview this morning at the Stockholm embassy! Because of the short notice we have some things to fix (a 221g with a checklist) but the interviewer said he was willing to approve the visa if the list gets completed. 1. Get the official name change document and an authorized translation 2. Medical exam (scheduled for tomorrow) 3. Send back passport (we had to keep it for the medical) 4. Register on the travel docs website with a passport drop off address The interview took about 1.5 hrs. We were there 40 minutes early and were told to go for a walk 🙃 (the last time we had an embassy appt, 4 years ago, we were there an hour ahead of time). Once in there he had to wear a mask and they only scheduled 3 people at a time so that it wasn't too crowded. They also had a fire alarm go off in the middle, so everyone had to exit for about 10 minutes. A woman took the originals from the civil docs and scanned them as well as DS-5540. She also asked him what his plan was if his "Plan A" for getting a job didn't worked out and if we intended to move before mid-November, but specifically said it wasn't an interview question. Interview questions (that he remembers 😉) -When and where we met -When we got married -How many times have you traveled to see your wife in the US -How often has your wife come to see you -Where will you live in the US -Are you healthy (I guess this is as much as they officially brought up the DS-5540) Hopefully the rest of the process goes smoothly and we have the visa in hand before too long! And that all of you guys will be further on your way towards the end of this crazy process!
  12. We have an interview July 21st in Stockholm! Medical is scheduled for the day after. Our case was randomly expedited (we didn't request it, but I think they wanted to start scheduling interviews) so now we need to update whatever paperwork we can before we head to Stockholm. Started this process in August 2018! And today is our 3rd anniversary 🥂
  13. Well it's all happen very fast now! We have an interview July 21 (they didn't wait for us to contact them, as they had previously stated) and we managed to schedule a medical appointment in stk the day after!
  14. Anyone that has filled out the DS-5540 form - what kind, if any, of supporting documents did you have?
  15. So I got an email from Stockholm (after having my case magically got transferred) and it's with a nice checklist of more things I need to upload to CEAC [Proof of the beneficiaries' name change, DS-5540, and proof of petitioner's US Domicile (which I had already included at the NVC stage)] and the paperwork that we need to have along for the interview. Once we have everything done on the checklist we can email them directly for an interview date. We have a medical interview scheduled for the earliest available date of Aug 20, but I will email them to see if we can have an earlier appointment.
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