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  1. Sorry for the delay, but I just saw this. We had not scheduled an interview before the TB test so we didn't have the same issue you are facing. But it would never hurt to contact the embassy to cancel it.
  2. Since people here have been so helpful, I'm posting this in case others find it helpful: My husband is applying for an IR-1 via DCF in Mumbai. We did not expect Rele Clinic in Mumbai to refer him for further TB testing after identifying what they said was a dark spot on his lung X-ray, but after eight weeks, which ended Feb. 16, the TB sputum test was negative, as we had expected. Rele said it sent the medical report to the consulate on Monday, which happened to be a U.S. government holiday. I inquired on Tuesday if the consulate had received it, but it had not, and whoever responded to my email said the consulate would automatically get in touch after it received the medical report. We weren't sure how to proceed with the rescheduling of the interview, and the appointment calendar online showed nothing open in the next three months. But early this morning the consulate emailed my husband to see if he could come in for an interview TOMORROW at 7:30 a.m. -- probably a last-minute cancellation. Someone later called to confirm whether my husband could make that appointment, saying that Monday was also a possibility but that he had to confirm a cancellation first. We went ahead and went with the Friday appointment. Fingers crossed!
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