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  1. Thank you for the info. I never had a problem travelling to USA with esta. However they denied the last one. My B2 Visa wasn't denied it was on administrative process. But I decide to cancel the process because of K1. I wanted to visit my fiance and I had a free flight to USA.
  2. Hello together, my fiance and I applied for a K1 visa. Our visa got approved. I will soon schedule an Appointment for the k1 visa. I applied for a B2 visa because my esta got denied. I have no idea why my esta got denied. Once I had the interview they couldnt tell me why my esta got denied. They told me they cant give me the visa right now and Need more processing time. I submit all the proofs they wanted for the b2 visa. They hold my passport for 3 month. In the meantime my K1 visa got approved. Therefore i requested my passport back and decide to cancel the b2 visa. I am worrying about the k1 visa. If they would make a Problem as well.
  3. eses89

    K1 Interview

    Thank you very much !!!
  4. eses89

    K1 Interview

    Thank you very much for the information. Do I have to pay a fee for the interview date as well?
  5. Hello together, I received from the us embassy in Germany a letter with a checklist. I put so far all the documents together. I just need to do the the medical exam. which I am gonna do this week. I paid the fee through the Website but I am not able to create an appointment. Do I have to send the Documents to the embassy first? If yes, do I get a Information that I can apply for an interview? Thank you in advance