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  1. Got you. Thanks. I was expecting to have to submit a copy of my naturalization certificate or something.
  2. Hey all, I've sent the TX voter registration form via mail. (The one you found here: https://vrapp.sos.state.tx.us/index.asp) Is that it? They didn't have instructions to include any proof of citizenship or anything else. Just certifying your a resident of texas and an US citizen via that form.. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the reply! Have you waited a couple of weeks or just submitted passport applications right away after naturalization?
  4. The usual advice was to update DMV and SSA first as you need to send the naturalization certificate by mail for getting a passport. However It's COVID times. SSA doesn't take appointments at the moment and it takes close to a month to get an appointment at my local DMV. Does it make sense to skip these for now and directly apply for a passport? I've also heard at the ceremony that it will take up to two weeks for USCIS to update records and you don't want to start anything before that, is that accurate?
  5. That's good. There is several other limitations but we are never too careful. I hate taxes as well lol.
  6. You might want to double check if you are not going to end up paying that capital gain taxes anyway. Depending on your situation, the IRS may charge you that capital gain taxes as if you have sold your assets when renouncing your green card.
  7. If OP's concern is capital gain taxes, It's worth noting that abandoning a green card is the same tax event than abandoning US citizenship. You might have to pay a exit tax that is the 20% capital gain taxes as if you have sold your assets.
  8. Got you, thanks! It does take a while randomly I suppose.
  9. No news as well. Got my interview approved a couple of days earlier than the 31. San Antonio also but live in Austin, TX. Do you guys have the same kind of wordings about quality review under "Case History"? I have this: December 29, 2020 Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled December 29, 2020 We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review.
  10. Yeah, it's not true. It's not recommended and make sure you don't travel outside of the US in the 14 days preceding a in person meeting with USCIS but this is for COVID not immigration laws. Stop working with this lawyer and do the application yourself. It's not that complicated and lawyer just asks for almost exactly the same thing that you have in the actual application.
  11. It's kind of a stupid question. I am buying a printer right now, mainly to print copies for the I-751. Most lasers are b/w. I wonder if it matters to print in black and white or it's preferable to be in color. Most of documents are bills and leases so I guess it doesn't really matter. But, I do have pictures and postcards that will look kind of washy without colors.
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