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  1. Hey, Everything you need to upload is on the N400 website application you can also save and do it later so take a look at it. What I can suggest you is creating a folder on your computer where you will bring together all the document in order to be better organized. Bon courage.
  2. No problem! I filed for the N400 beginning of March but we didn't have our 2019 Tax returned done by that time once we did, I was able to upload it to my account on the website. The best thing you can do is creating a folder on your computer if you will file online and start bringing all the document together. By the way on the website there is an estimate of 8 months so I hope that before the end of the year it will be approved.
  3. Hey If you filed online, you can always log in to your account and upload more document.
  4. Same here. Got my case transfered to new office on 03/16 and then nothing. I feel like something should happen soon. btw, I filed my N400 online 2months ago and got biometrics appointment canceled due to the COVID-19.
  5. Hi I'm also a WAC filer and my case was also transferred and new office has new jurisdiction since early March. Hopefully we get approve very soon.
  6. Can we join with an extension letter? I am interesting in joining the National Guard in CA. Thank you
  7. Hi, I filed for the N400 last week, yesterday my ROC case was transferred and new office has jurisdiction. Hopefully it gets things moving now. I am WAC
  8. Wow, congrats that was quick. Many people from January and also February got approved lately. Do you mind telling where did you file to?
  9. Hi, good evening everyone. I hope everyone is ok and are enjoying some family times for the holidays. It seems that many filers from previous month get their ROC approved around 12 months after sending the package to USCIS. I was reading that some people had to go do fingerprints again while other didnt have to. I personally had to do it May and since then nothing happened just it was updated and the website. Has anyone been approved or got a RFE? If yes please share your info, Thank you
  10. Hi everyone, I will be traveling in November to Spain and I was wondering if I need any kind of re entry pass for my return in the U.S or if just having the 18 months extension letter would be enough? Thank you!
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