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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all OK! So, I applied for my N-400 on September 12, 2020. I received my receipt notice (and number) within a week. 7 months (approximately) have passed so far and I haven't gotten a biometrics appointment, or a notice indicating the reuse of my previous biometrics (which were provided in the US in 2017). Is this normal?! I see others who applied after me and already got their interview date! Is there a way to get in touch with a human being at the USCIS Office/customer service line? For reference, I submitted my application online, my Green Card is marriage-based (I checked and I am eligible for citizenship) and my local office is located in Tampa, Florida. Any input will be much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I'm definitely bringing that along, but won't the difference in names on his green card / court order be an issue. Also, I was thinking of filing form I-90 on his behalf immediately to update the name on his green card, but that'd mean I'd have to wait 8-10 months for the new GC to arrive in the mail. Also, if I file I-90 I will HAVE to send in his current original GC. So, if I show up with no GC for him at all (which would be in USCIS's possession in that case), it might complicate matters even more. What would you suggest: OPTION A: refrain from updating the GC and go with his current GC that reflects his old last name + bring court order along OPTION B: File I-90 and bring proof of filing + his foreign passport + immigration visa + copy of GC + court order Please let me know what seems to be less problematic. Keeping in mind that USCIS requires immigrants to update their GCs once a change in name occurs. Also there may be a gap of about 6 months between the issuance of the adoption court order and me actually obtaining my own naturalization certificate (which would be the basis of this whole process). Thank you so much.
  3. I don't wanna wait 5-7 months until they issue him a new green card with the new name before I can go apply for a passport for him (USCIS is backlogged right now since Covid slowed everything down). Any way around this?
  4. The issue is his name on his green card would be different from the name in the adoption papers. How do I explain to them that both names are for the same person?
  5. Hello, Anyone knows what exactly are the documents needed to bring to the post office to issue a minor child's US passport? Please note the following: 1. The child is a legal permanent resident already residing in the US 2. The child's passport will be based on the naturalization of an LPR mother. 3. The child has been adopted by a US citizen step-parent. 4. The child's name has been changed (through a court order) due to adoption by a US citizen step-parent. 5. The child's Green Card, passport, admission visa and foreign birth certificate ALL show the child's PREVIOUS last name (which as changed by a court order). The child's social security card, dependent ID card, as well as the court order show the child's NEW last name. The child's FIRST name has NOT been changed. The Mother's name remains consistent on all the documents. 6. The child has been in the legal and physical custody of the LPR mother since birth If anybody has an idea about this very particular situation, please let me know. Thank you all in advance.
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