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  1. Hello! Two days ago we had our GC interview and we we approved! It's such a relief after 2 years of stress and anxiety and paperwork. The interview itself was very casual and the officer was just so nice and easygoing! I was quite stressed but there is nothing to be stressed about if your relationship is solid. Officers can really see it! Good luck everyone!
  2. Awesome! Congratulations! PS They did the same mistake with my interview letter placing my father as in care of.
  3. GC Interview - question Two days ago I received notification that my interview was scheduled. I was quite surprised how quick they did it given that just 1,5 months ago I received EAD+AP card. I was going to renew my passport before Christmas, since we are flying to visit my family back to my home country (passport expires in April 2019). QUESTION: Can I bring the copy of my passport for the interview? I know it sounds silly but I thought I will ask you...
  4. My embassy requires applying in person plus I changed my last name and here is a problem - changing my last name in my home country and then applying for a new passport... Not sure what is gonna be cheaper apply here for a new passport or stay buy a new plane ticket, stay 2 more weeks in my home country and apply for it there.
  5. I know I need a valid passport. My question is if they may not let me in to the US because at the time of my entering to the US my passport will be valid for 4 more months (not 6)?
  6. Does anyone know if I can visit my home country for Christmas with passport that expires 4 months later (in April 2019)? I know with other visas - J1, B2 etc - your passport must be valid at least 6 months when you are entering US. Can I enter US with this passport when I am waiting for Adjustment of Status (having AP document in hand)?
  7. Good morning everyone! I still cant believe it after 260 days I was approved for EAD! Thanks to congressman's office who helped me pushing it forward! I am over the moon! Thank you for your support and advices, you guys are the best 🙂
  8. I am in touch with my Congressman's office, they helped me a lot! They told me to wait 60 days to hear back from USCIS from the day they got my RFE reply. Before that they can't do anything 😮
  9. How long does it take USCIS after receiving RFE reply to process it? They received mine 1,5month ago, then 3 weeks ago status changed to ready to be scheduled for an interview, but no EAD or AP. It's been 255 days people! 😮 I am seriously on the edge, I am so so disappointed, I've been so patient, but cant handle it anymore. ..
  10. Amazing news! Thank you! Do you think its possible they would skip my EAD and AP since I am under Milwaukee and they may schedule it soon?
  11. Hello everyone! Still cant believe that something is moving with my case. Today I received notification that after they got response to RFE the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview!!! We are so happy! Still no EAD or AP.
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