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  1. That was the same day we filed last year and received GC February 12 which was only 10 days ago from LIN. My status was stuck on the Biometrics message too and never changed to the "card being produced" message that most people received, so I was also a bit concerned while I waited. Perhaps it might happen the same way for you, hang in there.
  2. It does have some meaning to it for immigration office purposes. "CR1 is for those who arrived in the US on an immigrant visa (Their immigrant visa was processed and approved at a US consulate abroad). CR6 is for those who adjusted status in the US (They filed I-485 and got it approved in the US)" I've learned that the interview is purely based on their ( the Immigration centre) discretion of the information provided in your case file. It is possible that an interview can still happen, even with a CR6 distinction.
  3. Recieved notification that card was mailed yesterday, LIN office, no interview. Filed 21 February 2019 so just under a year. The LIN center has done an amazing job with our applications and if I could go there and hug everyone of them, I would! Haha! I wish all others waiting the very best...hang in there....the notice will come, no matter which office! Citizenship here we come!! :))
  4. Congrats to all who have been approved! How exciting! I'm still waiting on mine. Applied Feb 21st. LIN also.
  5. Finally, Bio apt scheduled for tomorrow😅LIN filer. Submitted application just before starting this thread! Expected the wait to be longer given they mention 6 to 18 months.
  6. The same for me. LIN also. The wait is the killer ! Urgh! Good luck to us all and hope we hear something very soon.
  7. From reading previous threads regarding biometrics appointments, it would seem that sometimes it's not necessary and they use previously taken prints. Also note, they barely communicate this unless asked. If this will be the case for some of us, the fee of $85 will not be refunded. I'm busy reassuring myself because I haven't received my bio appointment yet and I travel on Wednesday.
  8. Good morning! You are the petitioner in part 7 of the form, part 8 is the US citizen spouse. Hope this helps, it was very confusing for us too😅
  9. This is indeed stressful but as others have said, there has to be a reasonable explanation. Forgive me if these have already been asked...who confirmed that they received your package? Did someone sign for it? I would make 100% sure that the package was indeed delivered to the correct office. Did you call their 800 375 5283 yet? Hang in there, we are holding thumbs for you! If your GC expires really soon, start another application compilation as a back up plan.
  10. I started this thread...could "anyone" mean you? hahaha😆
  11. I'm waiting on mine, also LIN office. My timeline is a few days out from out your timeline but not drastically. Hoping I hear back soon as I'm set to travel around the 13th.
  12. Congrats! Me too...checked mail today...so here's the basic timeline: Sent package: 2/16/2019 Received text of receipt of package: 2/21/2019 with LIN case number. 2/28/2019- recieved NOA in mail, 18 month ext. Good luck to all to haven't yet heard back! Hang in there and stay positive:) please keep your valuable posts coming, for the February filers, as I know tomorrow is beginning March. We covet your input.
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