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    Gabriel & I met in the fall of September, 2014 and began staying in touch via email on November 14, 2014. Though we only officially began our relationship in September, 2015, we both like to think of us as having been together since the day we met. Gabriel proposed while we were on a trip in Victoria, BC in October of 2016, and we submitted our K-1 Visa application package near the end of November, 2016. Being in a LDR has tested us greatly, and probably given us both the most stress & anxiety we have ever experienced in our entire lives because of the distance (me living in Canada and him in USA) but it really is so worth it. We are so excited to start our forever together, and are anxious for our Forms to make progress and be approved.

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  1. So, here's my idea & questions; - He could move ahead of time to a place where he would also work near the Canadian-USA Border (so he lives US side, I live Canadian side). Only problem is that it would be very expensive to have two rental places of our own. - Would it work if he moved in with say, a family working in the same location (potential Oil field employment possible in North Dakota) or with his Grandma? This way we have our main place Canada-side that he could come home to every weekend. Or does he need his OWN place? - And how long would he need to be living there? We understand that we may just have to spend time apart again but it would be extremely difficult since we're so used to being together all the time now and will have a little one to raise. I can't even stand one night away from him now. He's been here in Canada for about a year now. We were hoping to start the process right after our 2 year anniversary (1 year this year in June). So he would be here for a total of 2 years when we start the process. Okay, that makes sense. So household size with a Joint Sponsor would be 6, correct?
  2. Oh, another question, how long does this kind of application usually take to process? From the date they receive it to the date you're able to immigrate?
  3. I hadn't even thought of border living until you mentioned it, and it might be the perfect solution for us. He has family in Bellingham, WA so we could live in BC near the border and he could potentially work in Bellingham. This would have his income as US-based and help with the domicile aspect, right? If he had a rental agreement with a family member there it would also help with the domicile part. My husband will have been here in Canada for just over a year when our baby arrives. The rest of his life he has been in the USA, so, from what I understand from this site(https://ca.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/birth/), my husband qualifies to transmit citizenship and our baby would obtain a CRBA. So, since our baby would obtain a CRBA & passport before we even start the process of obtaining a visa for me, we wouldn't need to include our baby in the sponsorship right? His parents have agreed to be joint sponsors when the time comes. I believe the household size would be 8 (their household with individuals under 21, and then my husband & I and our baby). His dad is an engineer and I'm pretty sure he makes the income requirement for a household that size on his own. So, his father would fill out I-864 and his mother would fill out I-864A, correct? And my husband would also fill out I-864? So, if he had a job here in Canada and made money strictly in Canada for the 2018 tax year, he would have to file his taxes here in Canada and also in the US? Petitioner would be my husband, right? Sorry for so many questions, just needing clarification
  4. Thanks! I've read through a bunch of the tread and I think I know what we can do Now to just figure out the whole minimum income thing. Are we allowed to have a cosponsor, such as his parents? If so, what is the minimum income requirement they must meet in order to qualify? (They're a family of 7, 3 are now over 18 so a total of 5 at home) and we will be a family of 3 in July of this year.
  5. Thanks! We're anxious to begin the process haha. Most of our family & friends are in the US so it would be nice to be able to live there. He does still have a US bank account and receives mail there at his old address (parents home) so that would count as ties to the US right? If we were to, for example, purchase a home there and rent it out when we are not in the US, would that be something he could use to prove his ties to the US as well? We do own a vintage Winnebago RV but have yet to register it as we got it when everything was really up in the air. If we registered it it would also count as a tie right? Sorry for so many questions lol. What is he were to, say, a few months before we begin the sponsorship process move back to the US and obtain employment? Or how would he be able to show that his income would continue after relocating to the US? Through a job offer perhaps?
  6. Purpose, as mentioned, is to live in the US with our family & hopefully grow old there together.
  7. I definitely intend to live in the US. That was our original plan with the K-1 Visa but due to him losing his job during the process & not having significant income, we decided I would sponsor him to come to Canada first since my employment situation was more favorable than his. The purpose is that we want to live & make the US our home. Our dream is to own a home on the Oregon coast and grow old there.
  8. Another person mentioned this. Would I find this on the website here? Thing is he will always call the US his home, even if he is living somewhere else. He's in Canada because of me, not because he doesn't want to be in the US.
  9. My husband & I live in Canada and are awaiting Permanent Residency to be granted to my US citizen husband, which should be sometime in February/March 2019 (I am a Canadian Citizen & am sponsoring him here). So here are our questions. 1. it is possible for him (US Citizen) to sponsor me (Canadian Citizen) while living in Canada? 2. Does his income have to be US based or can it be Canadian based? (in regards to meeting the minimum income requirement necessary) 3. We will be having our first child in July of this year. As soon as we have his/her birth certificate, we will be working on transmitting his US citizenship to our baby. With that, our baby, if they obtain US citizenship through birth/transmission of citizenship, my husband would not need to sponsor them as well, correct? But would need to meet the minimum income required for a household of 3? Any help would be greatly appreciated *Just a note, we did begin the K-1 process in 2016. We decided to withdraw it and instead bring him to Canada as it seemed easier & faster*
  10. Kathryn Baer

    Yes, you can visit!

    I would highly recommend not showing them your letter stating that you'll be importing the car. This is proof of immigration intent and they can deny your entry because of it, especially since you are still waiting on your NOA2. I'd suggest waiting with showing the letter until you have received your K-1 Visa and show it at your Port of Entry when returning to the US to get married. Everything else on your list is great, definitely bring those other things along. I again would just suggest not showing the letting stating you want to import your car unless specifically asked for it by the customs/border control agent. It could cause delays in the processing of your K-1 application and as I already said, they could deny your entry. While waiting on your NOA2, you do not show up as trying to immigrate to the US yet. USCIS is processing your application to ensure all information is provided and your fiance is eligible to sponsor. Once you receive the NOA2 (meaning USCIS has sent your application to the NVC), you show up as trying to immigrate in the system, which is why most people have a difficult time travelling to see their fiances then. I traveled to visit my now husband 3 times before we received our NOA2 and I never had any issues. They never even asked how long I planned to stay. But we decided to get married and bring him to Canada instead, so when we went to San Francisco for our honeymoon in June 2017(got our NOA2 in March 2017), they simply wanted to know how long I would be staying and needed proof of a return ticket. We went down again in November for Thanksgiving and had no issues. I know there's hundreds of posts with different experiences, but if you have the proper information along and have proof that you'll be returning to your home country (a return ticket), there shouldn't be a problem unless you get a really crappy customs agent. Best of luck to you!
  11. It was just something I heard from a friend now pursuing a K-1 Visa. I figured he was wrong, but just wanted to check. Do any of you know if they allow triple citizenship? My husband has dual, US & Italian. We we looking into obtaining Italian Citizenship for me as well. But would it be possible for each of us to have US, Canadian & Italian Citizenship's?
  12. So, I may not have this question under the right category. I heard yesterday that if you obtain US Citizenship, that it automatically revokes any other previous citizenship's. So as a Canadian, me going to the US with my husband and eventually obtaining citizenship would cancel my Canadian citizenship? Just needing some clarification.