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  1. So does that mean we can re-use the previous cover letter, check, I-539A, and scanned documents or do we need to re-print and re-sign those as well to match the new signed date of the corrected I-539 form? My only worry is they reject it because the new form's signature date won't match that of what we used last time.
  2. Hey everyone, I sent in an application to USCIS for requesting to extend the tourist visas for my parents due to Covid-19. We just received the application back with everything still attached from before and an I-797 form stating that it was rejected due to using an outdated I-539 form. My question is, do we need to re-do everything? Meaning, a brand new I-539A form, a new cover letter, a new check, or can we keep all those the same and just include the fixed I-539 form? Since the dates on all the documents from our first submission are from last month, I just want to make sure they don't reject again because of dates not matching or something. Thank you in advance!
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