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  1. aindian310

    Interview in Manilla

    He should be truthful and answer questions to best of his knowledge, they do have ways to find out everything about you.
  2. aindian310

    Court marriage vs actual marriage

    Question: Are you both Hindus? If so then you must perform Hindu wedding ceremony and then only you can apply for Marriage certificate from your local municipality. In that application it asks for Priest's signature who performed your ceremony along with one or two pictures from the ceremony. I suggest you look up Hindu marriage act, there are no court marriage in India for person of same religion, if you both are same religion you must perform ceremony first. One thing you can do is that perform a small ceremony right now, take bunch of pictures and than apply for your marriage certificate and file your petition based on this. And later when you are ready you can do typical grand wedding......but if your interview is scheduled after this grand wedding takes place be ready to explain if CO asks about it or if they do any deeper checks! I have been through the whole process just last year.
  3. Thank you all for your opinions, it makes sense not to withdraw petition and like you said it would still stay on records even after withdrawing.
  4. My cousin recently applied for a F1 (student visa) at Mumbai consulate in India and was denied. He said that interview was going well until CO asked him if he has ever applied for US visa to which he answered "Yes" as my mom has filed F4 visa for my uncle (F1 applicant's father) and this application was approved with USCIS in 2009 but case won't open at NVC till at least next 4 to 5 years. CO told him that since his father already has immigration file pending he sees him not returning back to India after his education as by that time F4 file will open up. My question is that is it possible for my mom to cancel F4 petition for her brother? If after that my cousin applies for F1 visa again would his chances improve of getting a visa? He can say that he has no pending immigration file at that time and show appropriate papers from USCIS. The reason I ask this is that my uncle is not interested in immigrating to US, he may apply for tourist visa some day but he doesn't want to settle in US but my cousin would like to complete his further education in states. Welcome your inputs!
  5. My wife is entering US for first time on CR1 visa, she will get Green card once she is in US. What should she write on customs declaration form for country of residence? Should it be India where she was born and where she has been living till now? or should it be USA where she intends to live from now on?
  6. Is your son still single or married? If he is single it would be F2B visa and if he is married it would be F3 visa. For F2B visa right now cases from 2010 are being processed. For F3 visa right now cases from 2005 are begin processed. This info is for India by the way.
  7. If you know what consulate your child will interview at then write city of where that consulate is located at in 62A. 62C would be Philippines.
  8. Are you sure you didn't type in a wrong case ID first time you checked?
  9. One more thing to submit is an affidavit from someone close to you who attended the wedding basically stating the details of the wedding.
  10. What documents did you submit in your initial application? Did you submit any of the documents they are asking for?
  11. I see, do you know what are available pick up locations? Is there one in Mumbai?
  12. Okay Thank you. Sorry for all the questions but when you fill your information out on the above website it asks for mailing address do we put our actual mailing address here, does this mean our passport will be delivered to this address after visa is granted? Or do we have option of picking up our passport?
  13. How do you register for bio-metrics? Is it http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ website? I am kind of lost! Also what fees do we have to pay before interview and after interview?
  14. So I just got the news from rep at NVC this morning about my interview scheduling in March at Mumbai consulate. She said I should be getting an e-mail in about a week time. Do we have to wait to get an e-mail before we can schedule for bio metrics and medical or can we schedule right now? Thank you.