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  1. Several options come to my mind. 1)Give birth abroad and file CRBA which is super easy and takes about a month for the entire process up until getting the US passport. 2)A full time job would offer health insurance for spouse and family members. 3) Call Medi-care in your state and ask for assistance, they are lenient with pregnancy and children, sometimes there are programs they can put you in for the mean time 4) Look for an insurance agent instead of getting bombard with ads online, they are usually quite knowledgeable
  2. Different state would have different policy. Do you qualify for medi-care ?
  3. sy1983

    BI Fees for Exit Clearance?

    You are right, If I known better. The process is just too tedious.
  4. sy1983

    BI Fees for Exit Clearance?

    That price is actually not too bad. I got charged as overstay every month my kid was born so that was 4 months and it came out to be relatively the same amount. Its very sad.
  5. sy1983

    Tourist Visa frm Manila to USA

    Just meet her in HK and remedy your hormones
  6. sy1983

    transfer funds to the US

    Cryptocurrency. You can use Abra to buy litecoin from your domestic country then transfer it to your US bank acct
  7. It depends on the locality of your residence. My wife lives in Davao City and its much cheaper to "pay" someone to expedite and have it mail to the Davao NSO office, also being able to order more online then to fly all the way to manila.
  8. I wouldnt recommend going to an agency, Im sure you can do it yourself just as well. My biggest hurdle was actually not the Visa processing part, its getting that damn NSO marriage certificate. I had to do an unconventional method and ended up "paying" the worker to have it expedite. From there, file your I130, wait for the first approval and everything else was pretty systematic after that.
  9. sy1983

    Green Card

    Long story short, its possible. Go read up on the gov website, work out a plan with your son and consult a lawyer
  10. I know this is an year old tread but I would like to add my experience with US citizen child acquired by CRBA. It made absolutely no sense WHAT SO EVER ! my baby was born in the Phils and at 4 month old, she got her citizenship and we were asked to pay ECC and overstay visa fees which total around 12k peso. They told me, since the child does not have a Philippine passport, therefore considered a foreigner and must pay the fees from the time of birth. I am SO disgusted by the government. 1) A passport does not represent citizenship, its a travel document. 2) Child was BORN in the Philippines 3) Mother (by blood) is a Filipino citizen.
  11. Was it in a state that Common-law marriage practice is accepted ?
  12. I understand. I see the law and I can google this myself. My opinion is that this is not right. Its not logical. Not all laws were implemented rightfully and this is definitely one of them
  13. Hence this law is absolutely ####### and a loop hole. Laws should have its limitation depending on the status of individual. Isnt that the whole point of being a CONDITIONAL resident ? Why be CONDITIONAL when he can stay indefinitely and be protected under equal laws. Why not just hand him a citizen and beg him to stay ? this is EXACTLY what is wrong with this law and its very sad that most of you don't see it. You can argue with me all you want but it doesnt make this right.
  14. Yeah 30 years doing fine in their home country and suddenly spending less than 2 years in the US sounds like his life has completely changed, so i guess thats the same. How is NOT a loophole ? the ENTIRE premise of his immigration is solely for marriage and when that doesn't work out the premise is invalid. If they have children born in the US then he ought to file under parent of a citizen, still not for this marriage.
  15. Well you guys are right. I guess the every Law out there must make perfect sense and logic, that is why our law-makers and politicians stare at the wall all day and do nothing. Its really sad. This is obviously a loophole.