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  1. Hello, has anyone had any more recent experience with the US consulate in San Salvador and I-601A applicants with tattoos? The applicant has had his I-601A approved, but has not been scheduled for a consular interview yet. The applicant has many tattoos, none of which are gang-related (the tattoos are listed below). All of the tattoos were done professionally with a well-known tattoo artist. I understand that religious symbols can also be viewed as "gang-related." I'm also worried that the sheer number of tattoos could be viewed negatively. Secondly, has anyone with tattoos had any luck with submitting a declaration by a gang expert stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence and which expert did you use? What was the outcome? Thirdly, has anyone tried submitting a declaration by the tattoo artist stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence, and what was the outcome? -Jesus portrait -dagger w/ “love” inscription -praying hands image w/ “family” inscription -" actions over words" written in Latin -Archangel Gabriel figure -Virgin Mary figure - Roses -Tribal jaguar image -heart with crown image -small skull (a punk band logo) -sparrow image - Applicant's name in Chinese characters -“SXE” in old english font (meaning “straight edge drug free lifestyle") Thank you in advance for your help!