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    Greeko saw me on webcam while I was chatting with some friends I met from a missions trip me and my daughters took in October. We became instant best friends. My daughters and I planned another trip in April to see everyone, our plans to stay with friends changed at the last minute, and Greeko offered us his home to stay with him and his family. While we were there we had so much fun. My daughters got attached to him and his family, and we knew that we were meant to meet and be best friends forever. When I came home, Greeko and I both felt really sad and lonely. We talked more and more online and on the phone. Talking about when we could come back there to see them again. Then, 6 months to the day we met, Greeko called and asked me to marry him. We talked about what was best for our family...to move there or him come here. We were going to file the K-1 right away, but after talking and praying we decided to wait. We didn't have the same kind of proof that everyone else has becuz while we were there we didn't plan on getting engaged, so we didn't save reciepts or buy engagement rings things like that. All we have are pictures and chats. Theres so much more to our story...but the basics are we are in love, and will be married.
    I'm so thankful for this website and all the unbelievble information available through all the people so willing to share their experiences.

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