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    Oaxaca, Mexico
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    I'm working for a Mexican environmental nonprofit organization in Oaxaca, Mexico. See the website. We are currently working on a project called Aguaxaca to improve the conservation of the Oaxaca city watershed. Miguel has been going to school for civil engineering. <br />Miguel and I love to eat fabulous Mexican salsas, bike ride together, and listen to music.

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    I was in the organic food market one day here in Oaxaca when I met an interesting fellow, Mark, from the United States. He had been traveling and working in Mexico for 8 months. We got along really well, and I offered him a spot on my couch while he was in Oaxaca. He was working on an organic farm outside of the city, and also staying at Miguel Angel's place. He would rotate around between the three places, and he kept telling me how I needed to meet Miguel. Finally, on his last day here in Oaxaca he brought me to Miguel's house to introduce me. We all went out for pizza, and Miguel and I instantly connected. We traded phone numbers, and I gave him a CD in English in hope that later on we would have a reason to keep in touch. It wasn't until 1 month later that we started to see each other as friends. Then in December we started to see more of each other. He invited me to his village for a big party in January. I went to his village for 3 days, and it was there that I started to realize what a great guy he really his! We stayed at his Mom's house, and I got to know everyone from his past. When we got back from his village we went out dancing on night in the city, and from that night on is history! My favorite thing to ask Miguel is "Where did I find you?" And he loves to answer, "In my room!"

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