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  1. So I guess they accelerate the delivery process..I also got my green card!!! So happy!!!! Wishing you all the best in the next journey, which is the citizenship.
  2. I just check informed delivery and I'm getting also mine tomorrow!!! Yayyyyy!!!
  3. Did you apply for citizenship? My local office is also Tampa.
  4. Let's hope that we get the card soon.. it took 4 days from the update saying that they sent my approval letter to receive the letter in the mail.. So I hope I get the card by monday
  5. Got the same update.. I'm also approved
  6. Well, let's see what happens...
  7. So my status changed from producing your card to reviewed biometrics.. oh lord! This updates are driving me crazy
  8. Oh ok.. Mine changed yesterday too.. I hope I get mine soon..
  9. I meant to say, when did you case was update to "we are producing your card"?
  10. When did you receive the email update? Congrats on receiving the card!!
  11. Myuscis.. I got approved on the 9th.. I received the letter on the 13th.. I know that just a couple of people that got their gc, most of us didn't it.
  12. So I got an email saying that they are producing my card.. I got my approval letter on the 13th.. did anyone receive this email before receiving the GC?
  13. So I guess most of the people that got approved on March didn't get the green card yet. I'm wondering why