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  1. Only an interpreter or your petitioner can come with you. My wife and I did ours last month and we were in and out in about two hours and there are no fees you need to pay there. My advice is to bring the baby with you. Your in-laws can't come in and your cell phones will be confiscated so you won't halve any way of knowing if the baby needs to eat.
  2. cswalczakny

    Marrying my american GF - Im canadian

    Yeah man it was bad. The really bad one happened at the peace bridge. A second time happened at rainbow. We have decided not to try again until she gets her visa. The second time the guy told her if she attempts to try to come over again he "will be forced to escalate it and she may be ineligible for a visa " these people are animals. Our interview is september 22nd so there's no point in trying to get her a nexus now. I have one though and am about to schedule the interviews for my two kids from my prior marriage.
  3. They are booking really fast apparently. My case was completed on 8/1 (this past tuesday) my wife's interview was just scheduled for 9/22 in Montreal
  4. Very cool. I like this system! I'm hoping I get an interview date soon but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Probably a bunch in front of me.
  5. Did you do yours all through the CEAC system including your financial and civil documents? We're waiting on Montreal too but our case was just completed on 8/1
  6. cswalczakny

    Marrying my american GF - Im canadian

    They're way easier on you when you're flying because you have a return ticket. When you're driving down it's different.
  7. cswalczakny

    Marrying my american GF - Im canadian

    If you're worried about it, you can get married in Canada. Going over the border into the US and telling them you're coming in to get married it's entirely possible they will stop you. The American CBP officers are ball busters. I know this because my wife is from Canada and I live in Buffalo too. We ended up getting married in Oshawa by where her family lives and we moved her down to an apartment in Niagara, Ontario while we've been processing our immigration paperwork. I live in Niagara about 5-6 days per week and the Canadian border authority gives me absolutely no trouble ever but the US CBP refuses to let her enter and even absolutely brutally berated her until she cried once trying to come over to visit with my grandmother last year and accused her of trying to immigrate illegally with no proof. My advice from having been through this whole thing myself in exactly the same place as you is to marry in Canada and then file and assume that you won't be allowed into the US for even one second until you are approved for your visa. That's just the way it is, unfortunately. My wife and I are now just waiting for our interview in Montreal and then we'll finally be able to just live under one roof. I can't wait.
  8. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/pk 3 supplements/MTL - Montreal.pdf
  9. Download the PDF of instructions related to processing through MTL from the state department website. It has a step by step on what you need to do starting with registering your appointment with the embassy. If nothing is in there regarding a courier service I don't expect you need it.
  10. I paid everything on July 14th and my AOS was accepted within two business days, it's been over two weeks and my IV is still in processing even though I paid both of them and both fees were taken out of my account on the same day (july 17th). I've called 3 times now and have been told I just have to keep waiting and that their system is messed up right now. I've already submitted everything for the AOS and have everything ready for the IV but it just doesn't want to post. I'm getting extremely frustrated.
  11. I haven't filed my taxes for 2016 yet due to the fact that I'm not sure how to go about claiming my wife as a dependent since she's not a resident yet and doesn't have a SSN. I was going to fill out my I-864 with the total income listed on my income transcript from the IRS and include a cover letter explaining this. I am also including my transcripts for 2015 and 2014, but there's an issue with 2014 as well. My 2014 taxes were filed as "married filing jointly" because I was still technically married to my ex wife in 2014 although we were in the midst of our divorce, so the transcript shows a combination of our incomes. I was going to fill in just my income in that section of the I-864 and include an income transcript for that year to show just my income separate from my ex wife's. So I'll have: 2016: no tax return, but included income transcript, income on form taken from income transcript 2015: tax return transcript, income on form taken from tax return transcript 2014: tax return transcript, income transcript, income on form taken from income transcript -Cover letter explaining 2016 and 2014 Do you think this is sufficient, or is there anything else I should do?