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  1. Yes. They didn't ask for any more evidence, so it must have been fine.
  2. Yes! We got CC on July 12th and our interview was August 24th. The interview went well but the embassy wanted an more recent copy of our marriage document. Once he got it turned in they officially approved him and he picked up his visa on September 6th. Hope everything is going well for you!
  3. CC 7/12 but I just received an email and my husbands interview is set for August 24th. If there are any others for Tunisia I'd love to hear from you!
  4. I called about 20 minutes ago and have confirmed my CC. @AnnaLuke and @SabRob thank you and I hope you both get good news soon. Also congrats as well to @heyusa! @JBMG I updated the spreadsheet, and also wanted to thank you , because I see you replying seemingly everywhere with a lot of good information! It's really helped me out, and I'm sure it's helped a lot of others too. To any other May scan dates still waiting I hope that you'll all hear good things soon.
  5. Hey everyone! I am not going to be calling the NVC now because it's 1 AM in Tunisia and I don't want to wake my husbands family but I just checked CEAC and I have no AOS section and At NVC. Scan date was May 19th! I will be calling first thing tomorrow when they open and will let everyone know what I'm told. I wish everyone here the best!
  6. Thank you both, NikLR and pushbrk. I will check the forums for info about Tunis. I really appreciate the help!
  7. I don't think there is a specific time frame. The only thing I have read is that if you go more than a year without activity the NVC will terminate the case, but otherwise I think you can take as long as you need/want. I only waited because my husband's police certificate took longer to get than we expected.
  8. Just to clarify as long as I submitted evidence of my current income I should be okay? My tax return shows around 16k for last year since I was hired in August, but in my school district I'm contracted for around 42k. I sent my contract, employment letter, pay stubs, and a letter from a supervisor indicating that my contract will be renewed. I'm just trying to understand my likeliness of getting a RFE and having to get a joint sponsor.
  9. Hello everyone! It probably would have made more sense to ask this before I sent everything off, but I have a question about the likeliness of having to submit information for a cosponsor. My tax return for 2016 would indicate that I don't make the 125% that is required, but that is only because I graduated last year and started working in August. I got hired in August to be a Spanish teacher in my city's school district, and I definitely make more than enough. As evidence of my income I provided a copy of my contract, a letter from the Human Resources supervisor stating my hiring date and salary, the past three months wage statements, and a letter from one of my supervisors indicating that I am doing well and that they would like to continue my employment. My tax transcripts also don't show a lot because before this job I was only a Spanish tutor at my college and didn't make a lot. Do you think that this evidence will be enough to prove my income? Would they still request a cosponsor? With the 11 week processing period I'm really hoping I won't get an RFE, but I'd like to be prepared if it might happen. Any ideas would be appreciated!