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  1. congrats teea . thank God for  you

  2. Good morning it is Fam! Visa approved! Thank God!
  3. Good morning it is Fam! Visa approved! Thank God!
  4. Thanks so much @JBMG Havent been on VJ a lot lately.
  5. EB-5 lAGOS CONSULATE. Any one else in EB-5 Category?
  6. TeeA10

    Interview Prep Lagos

    Thanks a lot @Returnee
  7. TeeA10

    Interview Prep Lagos

    I'm currently waiting on my interview slot at the Lagos consulate in July. Now, i have the interview date via P4 letter and medical sorted. I've read on some threads about registering interview dates with the consulate. Can ya'll pls confirm if this is a thing at the Lagos consulate, as well. Will i need to register my interview or expect to receive any email at all from the consulate apart from the notification from NVC? Do i just need to show up with my P4 letter, medicals result and other docs, OR AM I MISSING ANY OTHER STEPS? Thanks in advance.
  8. TeeA10

    K1 medical

    @soulstriker can you confirm how long it took to get your medical report back, and if thre is an expedite option for the report?