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  1. That's great news, hope it's soon. Nearly done 😻
  2. Wow, that is a long time to wait for an Oath Ceremony, I hope you get it quicker than that. I received my Oath Ceremony notice last Wednesday July 12th, my Ceremony was on Friday 14th in Atlanta. After being told I would have to go to Montgomery, no complaints, it was extremely short notice, but I'm glad it's over. Hope you hear soon
  3. Catlady75

    Oath Ceremony

    My PD was 10/6/16, been a long road but almost there now.
  4. Today, 7/12, I received my Oath Ceremony notice it is for Friday, yes Friday 7/14 at 12 in Atlanta. Short notice or what, but I am relieved is nearly over.
  5. On 6/30 my status changed to Oath Ceremony notice was mailed, as of yet I have not received it. The waiting is painful.
  6. I think that is what I am going to do tomorrow if the letter doesn't come in the mail. I will have to call the customer service number as there is no number on the field office information, just the address. will let you know how ai get on, fingers crossed I get the info I need.
  7. This is the only site I can find, it's this place that has the quarterly and you go there if you want to change your name at the same time. There is a brand new field office opened and starting June this is where they do the ceremonies monthly. I have the address, but cannot find anywhere the dates. By by the way we have an adorable Calico kitty called Cookie.
  8. Can any one tell me how I can find the dates for Oath Ceremonies in Montgomery field office please.
  9. Marcuchios, same thing with me 3 weeks ago in Atlanta. Still haven't heard anything so the waiting continues. They told me I should hear within 60-90 days, sometimes I feel like it's never going to end.
  10. Catlady75

    Decision cannot be made

    The beginning of October last year, had my Biometrics done on Nov 8th. I phoned Customer Service at the beginning of May and within a week got my interview date, June 5th. Apparently those of us in Alabama have to take our oath in Montgomery now and they only do 4 ceremonies a year, the next one being July 5th. I'm not worried if I have to wait until October, but I'm hoping to go back to the U.K. end of July to help out with my little grandson, but I can't book a flight or make any other arrangements in case I get the July date for my oath. Patience is the key, but it's hard.
  11. Catlady75

    Decision cannot be made

    Thank you, will try to remain optimistic, it's always a waiting game, I feel like my life is on hold at the moment. If I haven't heard anything by the end of August I will make a call and see if I can get an answer.
  12. Catlady75

    Decision cannot be made

    He told me he needed his supervisor to sign it off, I believe he was a junior officer, in fact he was shaking more than me, so maybe I was his first. So I guess my question is, how long does it sit on the supervisors desk before he checks it.
  13. Can anyone tell me their experience on this subject. I had my interview last Monday and although everything went well, the Office told me he needed hi Supervisor to sign it off, so he marked my paper, decision cannot be made. How long have people waited to be put in line for Oath Ceremony, or have been told that they are now recommended to be put in line. thanks