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    Reading, music, baking, VJ, and attempting to teach myself arabic and spanish.

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    We met 3 years ago. He was a student in Philadelphia and I was a student in Wichita, Kansas. My best friend and I hung out at IHOP to "study" and got to know the managers. My family is from Philly and She and I were going to Philly for christmas break. We told our friends at IHOP and they introduced her to her fiance. Adil was roommates with him and asked if she had a friend. He and I started talking. We ended up not liking each other. When she and I went to Philly to meet her fiance, Adil was there with him. Adil and I saw each other and that was that! We knew it was over! We have now been together for 3 years and were married June 17, 2006! Thank god for IHOP!
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