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  1. Not really if she has knowledge of her own pertinent info. not unless they ask for documents that is in the U.S. then you would have to have those mailed to you if needed.
  2. apalachidoremi

    anxiety - starting work

    glad to have someone on the same boat lol - I also am just a new driver, well, what can I say - did not need to know how before because from where I came from public transport is still the norm. Am sure you'll learn the ropes real quick.. when do you plan on taking the exams?
  3. They (Embassy) usually say that they do not generally look at documents, nor do they require you to present any to them, however, since the whole process is really their game, and their rules, you just have to be ready for whatever you think paperwork would best help your specific case, if need be that the CO asks for them. Originals of certain documents would certainly help, also since each embassy has their own "unique characteristic" I would also check on forums specific to Canada just to see what documents may be pertinent to aid your case... best of luck!
  4. you have to set that online @ http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-appointmentschedule.asp just be corteous, honest with your responses, I believe it is in the manner on how you articulate your ties to the CO, since more often than not do they look at evidences at hand. You have a strong case, I feel, but since you are female and single there is a big possibility for you to fall under a certain profile in their "protocol"..
  5. apalachidoremi

    anxiety - starting work

    my and her relatives are both waiting (impatiently sometimes) for me to start work - I remember not that long ago they were too anxious on why I haven't had a driving license yet (that died when I had mine last month) . . . **sigh** 1 week to go....................
  6. apalachidoremi

    anxiety - starting work

    Oh my it was like seeing my own thoughts there lol... geez... On one side it is pressuring because you know that you need to work, earn a living and be productive - help out. But on the other hand like what you've said it's like I've gotten used to this that this is normal for me now.. (being the "houseband" for the past few months)
  7. apalachidoremi

    anxiety - starting work

    I've been trying to do that, but for the time being it's easier said than done,,, waaah
  8. hey y'all! Hope you had an awesome 4th of July! Feeling "fresh meat", will be starting work in a couple of weeks. I feel like I've somehow become used to staying at home for the past half year waiting for my papers and all, that I'm not used to dealing and meeting with new people let alone be in a new environment. Don't get me wrong, I feel lucky (blessed, ecstatic) to have a job just a month after getting my green card but I feel so freakin nervous (have social phobia). There were times that I felt bored, sad during the "wait" period these past months but now that everything seems to be falling into place I feel like I'm not ready yet. lol. Anyone who was, or is in the same boat? haha
  9. tried in NC but no avail. Best to wait for EAD/GC..
  10. hopefully mabilis lang yan sayo mga 3mos. after mo magsubmit dadating yung EAD/AP.. haha sa local church madame pero sa apartment complex namen wala. Di naman masyado nakakapag usap sa mga kababayan pag Sundays nagmamadali din sila umalis lol.. diyan ba?
  11. awesome - how far is the commute from Concord to Charlotte? Hopefully cross fingers RN na tayong dalawa may work ka na ba?
  12. haha i'm the husband and i'm the pinoy lol why are you guys moving? yup, I used to be a Nurse in the Phils... planning to take my exam this year tho..
  13. I wish they did have translations available to any immigrant of a particular nation now that would be swell!
  14. what work did you do in Egypt ? Hang in there, ok?