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  1. Thank you. I did not know about that website. Looks like USCIS updated the page today to indicate that we can use chart B from the Oct 2017 visa bulletin. Do you know how precise do I have to be about the Oct 1? In other words, do the documents have to reach them on or after Oct 1? Or can I only mail out with postmark on or after Oct 1? Or should I sign the documents with a date on or after Oct 1? I'm not seeing any place where USCIS specifies this. Also, I noticed some posts on this site about a WL, I presume "welcome letter". Do I have to wait for the WL or include the WL copy? I have not found this letter mentioned in any of the checklists so far.
  2. Let's say that in the visa bulletin for October 2017, the "Dates for Filing" for my category has crossed my priority date. Does this mean that I can send in my I-485 and all supporting documents today September 14 2017? Or do I have wait until October 1 2017?