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  1. I-94 date expires early July, so no good. Do you mean the NOA for the K1 or the AOS? I think the NOA for AOS will be enough but they don't seem to be using the correct terms. I've spoken to them on the phone and they use such vague terms as "when you get the letter about the green card you can show it to us". I'll wait until they respond to my latest email and see if I can narrow it down. Thanks.
  2. It says the person given power of attorney needs proof of legal status i.e. visa, green card etc. So they require the same information that I need to give anyway.
  3. I am having an issue with the logistics company working on my behalf to bring some personal belongings through customs for me. I shipped these items before I left my home country and due to a number of delays, they are only due to arrive in the USA port some time in mid-July. This date falls after the 90 day time limit from POE for marrying my fiancee. There were no issues with visas at the other end end - that part of it was carried out by another company and my visa was "valid" at that point. We have already got married so we're fine there, but according to this logistics company I have no valid "visa" on the date the boat is arriving in port so my shipment will be held until I can provide either: A visa in my passport with an expiry date some time after the shipment is due to arrive - obviously I can't provide this A green card - as we are newly married and AOS papers will be sent early next week, I have no chance of providing them a green card by mid-July (maybe not even by mid-July 2018!) A current visa waiver - as I did not enter the USA under the VWP I obviously can't provide this either Does anyone have experience with importing belongings while going through AOS from a K1? All I can really offer the logistics company at this point is my marriage license showing I did indeed marry my petitioner fiancee within the allowed time, and my NOA for the I-485 once that is submitted. I've also just looked them up on Google, Yelp etc. and their reviews are very bad. Now I'm feeling pretty stressed about all this.