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  1. Thanks! It was not expedited, so maybe a checklist won't reset the waiting time! I was expecting to hear from NVC again in Oct. We are really realy surprised when we got the email!
  2. Thanks! Hope they are picking up the pace and will be fast for everyone too!
  3. We got our P4 letter by email with interview date Sept 18! When I called to confirm my second scan date, i was told to wait for up to 11 weeks! I just checked the website, the status is indeed "in transit"! We are soooooo surprised!
  4. Checking-in here, 2nd scan date July 24. Hope things will be smooth from now on! Thank you @JBMG for creating this thread and the detailed info!
  5. thank you! will keep trying for a supervisor review!
  6. i tried once already in May but my request was not approved, is it fine to request again?
  7. many thanks!!! this is really helpful! will do that!
  8. thanks for the encouragement 😊 hope things will be smooth from now on!
  9. thanks for the advice, will try again to speak to another rep. really frustrating, especially i did see and confirmed with a rep for a CC and a few days later I was told it was a mistake! lucky i checked again and called, otherwise i would still be waiting for the interview schedule happily 😵
  10. @JBMG, you're just awesome! we are lucky to have you here!
  11. We did check with the Police again and they will send it to the Embassy directly. I searched online and saw other people saying I should send in a copy of the payment receipt showing I requested and paid for the certificate already, so I will do that along with a letter of explanation. Sure, will explain in the forum.
  12. HK Police would send one to embassy directly so we were not able to include it in our package, but I did include a letter to explain. I explained this to the rep but she said they have to have a copy so I must send it in...
  13. were you able to speak to a supervisor? i didn't get a nice rep, she pretty much said there is nothing I can do except sending it in. the supervisor will say the same thing so don't bother trying again. so frustrated.
  14. police certificate. yes i need to submit it before the give me a CC (again). i didn't think they would give someone a CC then cancel it. when i saw status "at NVC" with AOS disappeared I did call to confirm. A few days later just thought I check then it was back to "submit requested doc"....