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    I met Joan online in Nov '05 prior to my trip to Philppines. I was in Yahoo chat with some other filipinos asking about the best places to visit during my trip. We hit it off and kept in touch after my arrival in Phil in Dec. We continued txt msg'ing each other through May when we decided to meet for a cup of coffee. Again we both hit it off and liked each other's company she called in to tell her boss she'll be late for work.

    We started dating after that and eventually realized it was more than friendship we wanted. She became my girlfriend at end of May and after another month of seeing each other, knew that we were meant for each other.

    I went to her home town to meet her Grandparents and parents in July to introduce myslef. Well, that didn't work out as planned, her relatives wanted to know then what my intentions were. So the visit became me asking for her hand in marriage, which i didn't mind since Joan and I already talked about it.

    Instead of leaving the Phil in June to come back here, I ended up staying 'til mid Aug to be with her longer. We even took a trip to Beijing together before I left. Now we miss each other so much but I had to start the K-1 journey. I'm hoping to return after I get the NOA2 and be with her hopefully for this coming holiday season.

    I went back to Philippines in Sept because Joan announced she was pregnant. We were both happy with the news. I knew it wasn't going to affect the petition. I stayed in Philippines then on. We lost the baby in December due to some rare complications. It was devastating for both of us but we had it each other for comfort.

    Joan's petition finally pulled through and the medical, interview and rest of paperworks went by w/o too much of a hitch. We travelled to Bangkok and Cambodia to celebrate and get away for a while.

    We're here now in Redondo Beach, California ready to face the next set of hurdles. Love will conquer all!!!!
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