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    I met my beautiful Marie in September of 2005.It was almost immediate love. I had been single for about 10 years and not even really dated much either. I wanted to meet someone I knew would be faithful and commit to a relationship. Frankly-the woman I met here in the U.S. didnt meet this criteria. Not saying there wasnt any good woman in the U.S. because there is-many of which are on this forum-Back to my story! So out of pure luck-I met Marie on a chat line. I went to see her in January of 2006 and it didnt take but a few days and I asked her to marry me-she said yes. I recently went back to the Philippines in August 2006 and we tied the knot. I am so much in love and so proud to have such a wonderful woman as my wife. Marie has also shared the same thoughts with me as well. But honestly I think I got the better catch. So anyway-here we are. Its the end of August 2006 and I am starting the I-130. Its going to be a long journey and we may have a few obstacles to overcome but whatever it takes to be together with my Wife is what we will have to do-its just that simple-"Do What It Takes"- I Thank everyone on the forum for all the help I have so far received. It really makes our Visa Journey possible. Without the forum I would have to Hire a Attorney and that is definitly not in my budget. So Good Luck to everyone and God Bless-GarynMarie
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