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  1. 2 or 3, and for the biometrics, I think like 2 weeks.
  2. Biometrics done, everything went pretty smooth! Only spent like 10 minutes there. Now waiting game until, at least, temporary work permit. Good luck y'all! 😊😊
  3. Biometrics Appointment letter received today, 01/26/2019, dated 01/18/2019. Did any of you received this too?
  4. I did receive yesterday in the mail the copies of the NOA1. Dated January 11th.
  5. I think you are super ok! The only stuff I did not add was my husband passport and birth certificate because I wasnt sure we needed it (some websites say to add them and another ones dont talk about these documents). I suppose I will get a RFE
  6. NOA1 for work permit and AP - January 9th NOA1 for AoS - January 11th Both by text message now waiting for the mail letter.
  7. Hi! I came on a K1 visa and I filled on January 7th. Good luck in the process everybody!
  8. Thank you! I hope all is going great for you two!
  9. I arrived on Friday to Chicago!! Trying to getting used to this country. Luckily I found some stuff familiar due to prior visits We are planning to get married on september or october, and moving to SF ( my fiance got a job there) Right now I am looking on the forums what should I do next!
  10. I am so happy for you guys! Looking at those wedding photos make me think that we can do anything! ❤️ My ticket is for August 10th, cannot wait Now I'm struggling with suitcases and all the stuff. IDK what to bring with me xD
  11. I have it in my hands guys!! The package from the embassy!! THIS NIGHTMARE IS OFICIALLY OVER!!! Can’t believe it. I hope you all have happy marriages after all this. POE planned for second week of August, and Wedding in October, probably.
  12. Interview done! Result: visa approved. I am finally in the approved group 😂👌🏻
  13. Im glad after all these months you finally did it! Enjoy your time together ^^ I'm having my interview tomorrow!
  14. Interview scheduled for June 13th! Medical scheduled for tomorrow. I'm excited! And glad that my fiancé is staying with me for a month so he can come with me to the interview <3