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    To love endlessly mu hubby. Science. Travel. Home decor. Lifestyle. Cooking. Family.

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    Let me tell you how Alex rock my world.
    Alex and I knew each other thru his relative who was at the same time my very best friend.
    Through the pics about him I fell in love at a glance.
    Soon after, I made a piece with myself such a good looking guy would never even look at girl like me.
    Also, he was 30 and I was 20...anyways, we started email to each other, I had to give a try.
    We talked about general things, nothing special, he wasn't sending me any signs of interest...I had no clue he is a super shy person.
    Good thing I always listen my intuition :))
    So, there was a pope John Paul II. funeral in Rome, Italy on April 8, 2005.
    My friend (his relative) and I went to Rome on funeral cause we loved the pope.
    He heard I'm gonna be there, took a chance and flew overseas to meet me.
    Of course, it was a suprise, big big one.
    There was over couple millons of people that day in Rome...such a crowd.
    Suddenly, right in front of me, he just appeared, smiled at me and waited for my reaction.
    I was like: "My God, what r u doing here?"
    He goes:" I came to see you."...
    I couldn't believe what's happening, I hugged him and ever since that I know it is a love.
    We knew each other for only 7 hours since the relationship started and it's destiny thing, as we call.
    He visited me 6 months later in Croatia, then I flew to States for Xmas 05 to see him... 8 months later we got engaged in Venice, Italy.
    It took us 6 additional moths after engagements to get fiance visa and when I came to States for good, we got married in February.
    The fairytale happend to us.
    We're soulmates, inside out.
    He is the greatest thing of my life that ever happened to me.
    Love u babe.
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