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  1. thanks! Lol.. were they locals? Locals are usually pretty friendly..
  2. Morning all, My greencard came in the mail yesterday ! So won't need an infopass after all. Good luck for your renewals everyone and thank you again for your advice and replies!
  3. I'm relying on the fact that people in Hawaii are laid back and friendly.. might work, might not, in any case, not going to demand a stamp. If they can help, great, if not, we'll see when we cross that bridge!
  4. that's great to know because in all honesty, I would rather see someone in Honolulu than LA !
  5. Hi, Hopefully I am posting in the right place. I have a question regarding a 10 year green card renewal. I went to my local service center for fingerprints in Los Angeles back in Feb and got a notice on 1st March 2017. They put a sticker on my greencard to extend it until 31st December 2017. Upon checking the Potomac service center processing times, it looks like they are currently dealing with cases submitted in November 2016. So they still have to deal with cases from Nov 16 to March 17. I've been trying to get an appointment in LA to get an extension on my passport but i never see any appointments available. Since wee're going to visit family in Honolulu a week before Christmas, we were wondering if i should try to make an appointment there. Their appointments are fully open. I understand that you are supposed to go to your local service center (downtown LA for me) but was wondering if anybody has tried to go to another service center and was able to get help? thanks! Laurence