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  1. Hi Everyone, just wanted to add, we got our NOA1 dated 7 weeks ago and we still haven’t received a biometrics appointment letter or anything else for that matter. Just FYI!
  2. my fiance lives in Venezuela we are waiting on the approval for the k1 Visa I looked on the US embassy in Colombia today and it says before you schedule an interview after the approval you have to wait for a packet to be shipped to the beneficiary to explain how to schedule an interview and you cannot schedule an interview before you get the packet she cannot receive mail in the apartment building she lives in in Caracas so how is she going to be able to receive any beneficiary packet from Columbia

  3. They said they sent NO evidence. hopefully they get an RFE
  4. Ahh ok ya that makes sense! We’re not quite ready to file so I haven’t read the instructions yet.
  5. Would you do Marriage until filing 751, or from filing of AOS until 751? (just wondering because we already gave them everything at the time of filing AOS, so should people start from scratch or from AOS?)
  6. This! I was wondering how this falls because they are already married so that is not the event, but yes, by him coming here he might lose his coverage, and that definitely makes him qualified (this is how I got mine, I quit and lost my coverage so I was added to my husband's outside of open enrollment because that is a qualifying event-However, we had to pay for my premium). Like I said previously, your employer DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY for his premium though. I think maybe whoever you spoke to just isn't aware of how it works with immigration like others said.
  7. As of 2016, No, you could NOT do that according to the Social Security name change rules. You could literally have ANY OTHER combination of last names on the marriage license, but you could not change your middle name. So maybe that has changed in the last two years?
  8. What was their reason for saying No? How does this NOT qualify as a qualifying life event? (Just curious, I don't know about that exact circumstance). And were they saying that he couldn't be added AT ALL, or that they WOULD NOT PAY FOR HIM? Because that happened with my husband, they said they don't cover dependents, but when we clarified that we were willing to pay the premium they said THAT was ok, just that they would not pay any part of the premium for dependents. And like "aaron" said, getting a plan, and getting it paid for are two different things. I'm afraid either will not be the simplest thing (we looked into that when my husband's employer first said no).
  9. You can add him immediately after marriage (qualifying life event). We got married the end of November, enrolled him starting December 1 (2016) (Doesn't have to be a resident) However, talking to your health plan admin is the best route to take anyway, but shouldn't be any problems EDIT: I saw you are already married and are doing a CR1 sorry! Definitely talk to your Admin but I still don't imagine this being a problem. Worst case scenario, you will have to wait until their open enrollment period (not sure if September just happens to be when YOU qualified or that is their enrollment period)
  10. You take your official marriage cert to the SS office and have them update it, then when you get your new SS card, go to DMV and update your license. It was pretty easy. One thing (if for some reason your partner has 2 last names, you can change your last name, to ANYTHING/ANY COMBINATION on the marriage certificate, they bullied me really hard about this (I only wanted one of my husband's last names) but IT SAYS SO ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE that you can have ANY combination of last name(s). Just FYI
  11. @TNJ17 Just Fyi, We ended up doing this (filed with Maiden name, and then immediately changed it (like a week or 2 later). Had 0 issues with AOS
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