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  1. Thank you. I wasn't sure, because normally it would say "IF" somewhere but it doesn't here, it says "AND", so I wasn't sure.
  2. So I have a question about the document checklist. It says one of the documents required if filing due to marriage is: (Highlighted) what do you need for this part if you’ve never been married?
  3. Hey Everyone! I didn't see a topic already for June 2020 N-400 Filers so I made one We will be filing middle of this month!
  4. Thanks! I believe it was the very end of June 2019 (everything is in my timeline I think) and we were at WAC. Thanks!
  5. We did Biometrics about 3 weeks ago and our online status never changed from Case Received
  6. We’re California service center and we just got biometrics appt for tomorrow.
  7. Hi sorry! Yes, we would be traveling by land not by plane* I forgot to state that originally
  8. Hi (Not sure if this is in the write place, please move if not ) Does anyone know/have advice for traveling abroad with an expired passport? You can not get a renewed passport from Venezuela right now, so my husband's pp is expiring next year and he read that we can use the I-131 as a travel document (only accepted by certain countries) to Mexico and some other countries, and to re enter the US. Does anyone have experience with this? TIA!
  9. We are at CSC and filed 6/26, still no updates about biometrics. However, a timeline I follow didn’t do biometrics until right before they were approved like a year later. So it seems like anything goes at this point.
  10. Our NOA notice said California. If it was transferred since then, we don’t know about it.
  11. Our NOA was 2 months ago and we haven’t heard/gotten anything else either.
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